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Brand Spankin’ New Session IPA

  Deception Session IPA At 5%, this IPA is packed with fresh hop notes on both the nose and in the palate.  The flavor is full of bitter notes from the combination of hops mixed with a hint of floral flavors and a nice citrus edge.  Finish is bone dry.

a Taste of Summer…

  Get wit or die tryin The perfect beer on a sunny day, the aromas are a combination of citrus and floral notes and the taste is filled with bright fruit flavors and a nice dry edge from curacao peel.​ Nice, bright and refreshing! 12oz wineale The perfect combination of wine meets beer! Great balance, […]


WARPIGS BREWPUB LOVES TO CELEBRATE! The world´s best brewpub wants to nourish it´s American side and throw a real 4th of July party, and all of you are invited! It is a family friendly fun event with games, eating competitions and a surprise band. The WarPigs menu will be expanded, offering Corn on the cob, […]

Appreciation Pils and Cali Rare have landed!

Appreciation Pils This classic German-style pilsner is a tribute to the great city of Chicago, perfect for backyard BBQ’s or a day at the beach. Cali Rare An ode to the infamous ‘California Common’ or Steam Beer, Cali Rare has bright citrus fruit on the nose and a touch of sweetness from the corn used […]

New Beers added to Årh Hvad Series…

New Beers added to Årh Hvad Series… Our Årh Hvad series is growing and we’ve now added two delicious barrel aged varieties to the mix.  Originally created as a tribute to one of Mikkeller’s favorite beers, Årh Hvad is a great accompaniment to cheeses while the Barrel Aged versions work nicely after a meal. Årh […]

Extremely rare beers coming on tap at WarPigs BrewPub

    During the Mikkeller Beer Week, WarPigs BrewPub had Boneyard, Firestone Walker, Arizona Wilderness, Surly, Bells, Alesmith, B Nektar and Cigar City to come by and brew. The results are absolutely insane. 6 known beer favourites in exclusive WarPigs editions + 2 completely new creations.  They were all brewed here and will all be served here. […]

Today only! Exclusive Taco take over at WarPigs BrewPub

Try authentic, amazing tacos in our 1000 m2 BrewPub. Hija De Sanchez is ruling the restaurant between 12-15. Mexican vibes are high here in the meatpacking district.

Gluten Free Beers

Regular beer contains gluten coming from barley, the main grain source for making beer. We know gluten can be harmful for people with celiac disease so we have developed a series of Gluten Free beers. The quantity of gluten in food and beer can be measured in a specialized lab with a specific method, called […]

CBC 2015 is a wrap

We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in this years CBC. In our opinion this edition was the best so far, and we couldn’t have done it without all the amazing brewers, our army of volunteers, our business partners, friends etc. Last but not least; a huge THANK YOU to all […]

MRC Update

Hey guys, Here´s a little bit about what´s going on at MRC. New Chapters: We´re very happy that new chapters keep popping up around the world. Next training day is May 2nd and MRC Paris and Tokyo will be added to the list – also Toronto is very close to opening their chapter. Over the […]

Mikkeller Beer Week/CBC

Mikkeller Beer Week is just around the corner, and we have a lot of good stuff lined up for you guys! Please follow these links for all the events through out the week Mikropolis Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade Mikkeller & Friends Mikkeller Beer Run Copenhagen Beer Celebration

WarPigs is open for business!

Even though this past Friday’s party dust hardly has had time to settle, we are now open for business. Monday – Thursday 1130-midnight (Kitchen closes 10pm but continues to serve bar snacks until 11:30pm) Friday and Saturday 11am-midnight (Kitchen closes 10pm but continues to serve bar snacks until 11:30pm) Sunday 11am-10pm (Kitchen closes at 9pm) […]

Mikkeller Beer Club

Brand new! Mikkeller Beer Club

Mikkeller Brewing Company, San Diego

In case you haven’t heard, we’re expanding our operation with the purchase of Ale Smith’ old brewery in San Diego, California. We’re still gypsies (we’ll always be), but with this expansion, a world of opportunities will present itself. You can read more about it here:

Opening date announced for Warpigs

We are opening with a bang on April 10th. It is going to be a carnival of beer-loving madness. 1000 litres of free beer and meaty samples from our giant smokers – all wrapped up in dark and twisted fun. We strongly recommend you show up.

WarPigs Brewpub is now hiring

We are now hiring our log ladies and agents to make WarPigs the best brewpub in the world. Warpigs is currently looking to staff our smoked meat paradise and 22 taps, with Denmark’s finest hardworking cooks and service staff. We are only looking for qualified candidates who have a vast working knowledge of kitchens and […]

The latest happenings

We´re very excited to see Mikkeller Running Club growing around the World. Training is every first saturday of the month, and for the next training we´ll have new chapters starting in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Århus. In Reykjavik they run for the first time on February 28th. San Francisco, Boston and Chicago made debut runs last […]

Copenhagen Beer Celebration

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015 is the 4th beer celebration since we started in 2012. We are extremely happy to have CBC and proud to present some of the worlds best breweries. CBC 2015 will yet again take place in Østerbro, Copenhagen in the old athletics arena, Sparta Hallen. The concept of the celebration is the […]

Be our General

With access to WarPigs like no other guest, only the imagination sets limits to what your dividend will be as the General of the Armies in WarPigs Troopers. You will have a portrait of your face painted on our mash tun and you will get a free beer everyday for the rest of your life […]

Trash Talk

Get to see WarPigs Brewpub in its early stages, sample the beer, enjoy the snacks and sit back, relax while you dive head first into the presentations of work from some of the most interesting graphic artists Denmark currently has to offer. SPEAKERS: Jakob Printzlau – Louise Rosenkrands – Jonas og Martin – […]