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Mikkeller Bar nominated Best Drink at Årets Gericke

Mikkeller Bar is nominated for best drink experience at Årets Gericke 2012. It’s the union of Danish food critics that nominate best food, best service, best drink etc. It’s named after a big idol of mine Søren Gericke who introduced the Danes to the Nouvelle Cuisine (modern gourmet food). He is the godfather to most of the successful Danish restaurants […]


I’m a Beer Geek. I love beer, I can talk about beer all day and I can drink beer all night. I might as well admit it: I’m a Beer Geek. But having said that, at least I’m only a Beer Geek. If I, in addition to my passion beer, for example was also an […]


Brewers are conservative, they stick to their methods, ingredients and processes. And that’s just good. If it wasn’t this conservatism, we would not be able to enjoy the classic Southern German Weissbier, Czech lager, English bitter or spontaneously fermented beer from Belgium just to name a few styles that, thanks to brewers’ conservatism, have been […]

Single – the first of three beers.

Today the Trappist yeast arrived to Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse, and finally we could start brewing. The first beer to be brewed is called Singel. It’s a simple malt profile, American hops, primary fermented in a red wine barrel with Trappist yeast. Secondary fermentation will also take place in a red wine barrel, but with brettanomyces. […]

Malt Liquor & Bum Wine

Yesterday we sat all day at the Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse and waited for the yeast that was delayed because of Memorial Day. The only meaningful thing to do in that situation was to drink a lot of the good beers. Terry served one fantastic farmhouse beer after another. While we sat and enjoyed the good […]

Barrels have arrived

After a pleasant evening in Alexandria, with pizza and local beer in the company of Terry Hawbaker and his girlfriend, photographer Kristen Mullen, it’s finally time to see Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse. The yeast to be used for primary fermentation has not arrived at the brewery yet, since it was Memorial Day yesterday, so today, Terry […]

Going to the States

Yesterday I travelled to the U.S., and will be staying there for about a week. The first 3 days I will be at the Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse, where Farmers Cabinet and Mikkeller are doing 3 collaboration brews. We will brew light, bright and funky beer with brettanomyces. Much more info will follow in a few […]

A Job Well Done

Some men are made of flesh and bones, others are made ​​of steel. Some Steel Men are made ​​of ordinary steel, the kind of steel you use to build cars, bridges and railroads. Other Steel Men are made ​​of a harder material. There are men of steel among us that’re made ​​of samurai sword steel. […]

Thank you!

Dear friends, Brewers, Beergeeks, Freaks, Friends and Volunteers: Thanks for a great festival. Copenhagen Beer Celebration is over, and even though we are tired as hell, even though we can see there were some things that did not work optimally at CBC, we are also damn proud to have hosted this festival. Great food, great […]

Keith Shore at Mikkeller Bar Wednesday 9th of May!

Come to Mikkeller Bar and meet the artist behind a lot of Mikkellers labels this Wednesday the 9th of May. Mr. Shore himself will be present from 18.00 until 22.00. On the walls of Mikkeller Bar in May are some of the original label drawings and they are all for sale. Original art, original artist […]

Copenhagen Beer Celebration beer token presale

Come to Mikkeller Bar and get the first of many tokens for this weekends celebration. 100DKK for 7 tokens, 200DKK for 15 tokens. Unless you like standing in queue. Go get your tokens this week. More on standing in queue here:

Mikkeller Bar Birthday

Ladies & Gents. Besides week 19 being the most crazy beer week in CPH with the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, Sour & Bitter and lot of other cool Beer Geeky Stuff, the whole week will start with a celebration of the best beer bar in Copenhagen – Mikkeller Bar. Yes, Saturday we celebrate that exactly 2 […]

Mikkeller Band : The Matilda Love Song

This is a song about a girl from the beautiful country of polar bears and pickled herring just above Denmark and how she fell in love with a beer geek at Mikkeller Bar. Yes, the song is in Danish but the music is still great. All in all, a tribute song to the beer K:rlek […]


Listen up beer geeks and Mikkeller freaks! This is a chance for you to get a free pass to Copenhagen Beer Celebration! We need volunteers. Take the weekend 11.- 13. of May off and volunteer yourself here: More info will be provided when you mail us. More info about Copenhagen Beer Celebration at

The Black Russian T-Shirt

Black Russian T-shirt

Yesterday we saw the first real day of spring here in Copenhagen. After a long day at the Mikkeller office, I decided to walk home through the bright and warm city. I had taken off my jacket and had lit my good old pipe. Everything was good. But as I walked through the city I […]

Welcome to the new Mikkeller Site

After a long time with an outdated website, we are now finally ready to present our brand new and super delicious website. It is a lot more straight to the bone site with all the info you need about Mikkeller and all its whereabouts. A few notes is that we have implemented a page for […]

Nytårstalen 2012

Mikkellers årlige tilbagevendende nytårstale, kan ses her, i 2012 udgaven

Åbent brev til Klaus

I dag postede jeg en lille nyhed på Mikkellers lille hjørne af Facebook. Helt kort skrev jeg: Saison Sally – den første saison fra Mikkeller – meget snart på køl i KIHOSKH. Og så et billede af den super flotte etiket som Keith Shore har lavet til denne øl. Et par timer efter kommer jeg […]

Royal Rye Wine

I starten af juli tog Mikkeller til Rusland. Formålet med turen var at brygge en øl til dronningens besøg i september. Øllen blev til som et samarbejde mellem Carlsberg, det russiske og Carlsberg ejede bryggeri Baltika og Mikkeller. Øllen fik det opfindsomme navn Royal Rye Wine, hvilket giver god mening når man ved, at der […]

Mikkeller Vesterbro

Amatørernes aften…

For mange år siden arbejdede jeg i en kiosk på Vesterbro. Det var dengang bydelen var rå og fuld af både ludere og lommetyve og drukkenbolte. En af gadens mere markante drukkenbolte kommer ind i kiosken mens jeg er på vagt, han køber sine øl og sine smøger, og mens han står og fumler med […]