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Mikkeller Spirits – now in Sweden

You’ve probably noticed how many Swedes you always meet at Mikkeller Bar. We are of course very happy that this is the case. As we have become accustomed to snuff cans on the tables and the spicy scent of köttbullar (Swedish meatballs), which is always part of meeting with the always polite and well-dressed Swedes. […]

Nytårstalen 2013

Her er årets nytårstale fra Mikkeller    

Crooked Moon / Mikkeller DIPA

In Mikkeller we have over the years done ​​many collaboration brews. However, the last one we did was a little unusual – we collaborated with the Swedish tattoo studio Crooked Moon. The two brothers Jacob and Jonas Pedersen that run Crooked Moon Tattoo in Helsingborg wanted to celebrate their tattoo studio’s first birthday with a […]

The Tasting Panel (who are they?)

The Tasting Panel. We use people at Mikkeller. This is a short story of how it’s done and whom we force to drink beer. As you have all read before on this blog, we have a panel of pro tasting people. And we kindly ask them to assist us in tasting some of our products. […]

Milk Stout

Warning: Mikkeller Milk Stout can cause excessive gas in stomach.

Barrel aged Black the Black edition

Barrel aged Black the Black edition is a new beer from Mikkeller. And I do mean Black the Black, not Back in Black, as a reference to AC/DC’s amazing album, not Big and Black as a reference to the world famous adult movie, that I’m sure all readers of this blog are familiar with. No, […]

Mikkeller Bar’s opening hours during Christmas

Hello guys and gals. A very merry X-mas to all of you from all of us at Mikkeller Bar. During X-mas we’ll continue our great task serving the best microbrews, the hottest beer sausages, the crispiest crisps, the nuttiest nuts all with the sweetest of smiles (we love our job) but the opening hours are […]

It’s Christmas time…

Christmas is a wonderful time. Finally an opportunity to spend to spend some time with friends and family. Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts. Everything is great, but it can also be stressful. Especially buying all the Christmas gifts can generate some stress. But at this very point Mikkeller rows you a […]

Rumour has it…

A good old friend of Mikkeller, Alexei Popov, sent me an email a few days ago. Alexei told me that he had heard some rumors that there would soon open another Mikkeller Bar in St. Petersburg, Russia. He did not say where he had heard these rumors, but since Alexei was born and raised in […]

Old beer – new label

Keith Shore, Mikkeller’s label designer and creator of our graphic identity, is currently in the process of giving new life to several of our good old beer labels. Classic beers from Mikkeller have been getting a make-over in Keith the Wizard’s workshop, which has given them a whole new look. Jackie Brown, the good old […]

What Does Mikkeller Spirits Taste Like? Pro Tasting Panel Reports.

Recently we had some guys tasting the newly released products from Mikkeller Spirits. At Mikkeller we have found these products tasteful, interesting and groundbreaking. This needed to be tested; we really wanted to make sure these products live up to our high expectations.  We needed second opinions.  That we got from a very competent tasting […]


En historie der ikke passer – se her. Vores øl hedder ikke ‘Cocio Bajer’. En medarbejder må have fået kakao galt i halsen….  

Award-winning label

Today we received a happy e-mail from a happy man. The happy man is Perniclas Bedow, owner and founder of the graphic design studio Bedow. The e-mail says: Hi guys! Just came home from the Swedish Design Awards with the jury’s honorable mention – the special award “Graphic delight of the year”. The jury says: […]

Baller Stout

Baller Stout is a blend of 4 different beers. Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Brunch, Struise Black Albert, Surly Darkness and Three Floyd’s Dark Lord all blended together and Baller Stout is made. In this video you can see what happens when two beer geeks decide to find out who blended these four beers together and how […]

NOMA & Mikkeller

A few years ago we started inviting wine waiters and sommeliers from the city’s best restaurants for beer tastings at Mikkeller Bar. Not because we felt that we had to teach them something, not because we wanted them to buy a lot of beer of us, no, we invited them for the simple reason that […]

Fresh From Floyds

  Tomorrow, Thursday, November 8th, we’ll be serving super fresh beer from Three Floyds at Mikkeller Bar. These beers are flown directly from Chicago to Copenhagen by a pilot who goes by the name Speed ​​King. Never before have you been served so fresh beer from the world’s best brewery: Three Floyds. The super fresh […]


This Monday we’ll release Mikkeller Spirits here in Denmark.  And you’re hereby invited to stop by Mikkeller Bar and savor this new product that has been developed in cooperation with Braunstein distillery. This is the first in a series of spirits that Mikkeller will be launching. Everything is of the highest quality, made in very […]

Do you dare to push your luck…

Tonight we started selling tickets for CBC 2013. Many beer geeks stayed up half the night to make sure they got their highly coveted tickets. But there are other ways to get a ticket. If you come down to Mikkeller Bar and share the Black Sensation tonight, you can participate in the draw for 2 […]

Pink Session – a ticket for all three sessions at CBC

The guests want it, CBC want it; a ticket for all three sessions at CBC 2013. Apparently it’s a very difficult task for our ticket vendor; we want it done anyway. So here it is; “Pink Session” – a ticket for all three sessions at CBC 2013. We have 300 of those up for sale […]

3 of November – Black Sensation at Mikkeller Bar

I have seen many things in my time. I have seen shipwrecks, havoc and instantaneous death.  I am in touch with the dark side – so believe me, when I tell you: November the third will be a dark and stormy night. And in one particular place in town darkness will gather, it will be […]