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Single Hop IPA’s

  Here at Mikkeller we love IPA, we love hops and in particular we love Single Hop IPA. Single Hop provides you with a unique opportunity to taste the different hop varieties isolated. Right now we have two different single hop series out. One is part of a PhD project that is trying to uncover […]

Copenhell Moonshine

Copenhell – the biggest Metal Festival in Denmark – is now well over. The last long haired heads has been shook, the last maniac mosh pit has been made and the last throat breaking, growling sing a long shout out loud song has been sung. Mikkeller was of course represented to this festival due to […]

New tasting at the Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop!

Gather round all you ruggy tutters, ’cause we’re going to show you what Beer is all about! New tasting in the Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop. Tobias from To Øl will present a line up of their crazy good beers and give an insight to the thoughts behind them. Tasting will be at The Mikkeller & […]

Spontanisk Haves Dag

This Sunday (9th) Mikkeller and To Øl will invade the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen at its annual Botanical Garden Day where the garden opens up for all its small secrets and mysterious plants and invites special gardeners, workshops and people using plants, flowers or anything botanical in a special context to come celebrate the diversity […]

Our web shop is up and running again

  Guys and girls – beer geeks and Mikkeller freaks, I have some good news for you today. Mikkellers web shop is working again. Yeah baby, it’s up and running. Classic t-shirts, new t-shirts, beer and booze, chilli sauce, sweat shirts and posters, even the super rare Copenhell Moonshine is in stock right now, so […]

Buxton, Magic Rock & Peg’s Cantina tap takeover @ Mikkeller & Friends.

This week is going to be crazy at Mikkeller & Friends. On wednesday Tobias from To Øl goes to England to brew together with Buxton & Magic Rock Brewery. To celebrate we put on as many beers we have from these breweries. Buxton Axe Age Buxton Black Rocks Buxton Imperial Black IPA Buxton Jaw Gate […]

Tasting session @Mikkeller & Friends shop

Listen up Mikkeller Freaks & beer geek friends! We want to do regular monthly tastings in connection to the Mikkeller & Friends bottle shop. Tastings will be themed and feature beers that we carry in the shop so that you guys can carry home the message of high quality craft beer and share it with […]

Mayhem Week day 4

We are close now – one day and the 2013 version of Copenhagen Beer Celebration will start. Today we celebrate Keith Shore and his amazing art work down at our bottle shop at Mikkeller & Friends Stefansgade 35, kld, 2200 Copenhagen N. Come down there, grab a beer and meet the crazy artist from 6:00 […]

Day 3 at Copenhagen Beer Celebration Week

After souring up all your stomachs at Mikkeller & Friends’ Sour Event yesterday we now want to go regional on you! Oh yes – we have been so lucky to get our hands on a rare list of beers – the best of the best craft brewers from Chicago (those who couldn’t make it at […]

Week 18 Crazyness

It is the week of Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2013 and beer geeks are gathering from all over the world in Copenhagen to celebrate extreme beer culture. We at Mikkeller salute the Celebration. We salute all the brewers attending, but we specially salute all the beer freaks from all over the world who are in town, […]

Kirkegaard and Mikkeller

  Sunday , May 5th it is the great philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s 200th birthday. Or would have been – if he was  still alive, obviously. The birthday of the world’s first existentialist will be marked with lot of events around Copenhagen, the city that had such a great influence on his thinking. At Mikkeller we […]

Mikkeller Games

We now present the latest stuff from the development department: Mikkeller & Games. A wide series of all your favorite game classics with a beatiful Mikkeller Twist. First to be presented is the Mikkeller Årh Hvad!? Puzzle – a 244 brick puzzle, that will make a blast at your upcoming family game night. We have […]

Grand Opening

  Mikkeller & Friends – the new beer bar in Stefansgade – is already a great success. RateBeer has rated the bar as “The best beer bar in the world”. So we are of course we are very proud and happy. In this blog post we will remember the day the bar opened. We will […]

Three years anniversary party

  Sunday the 5th of May, the day after CBC, it’s Mikkeller Bar in Viktoriagade’s three years anniversary. Of course we are celebrating it with a huge party. A block party where everyone in the street participates, and to which you are hereby invited. We’ll set up a scene, and there will be a band […]

Say Oh What in Danish. Not Orval – but Årh Hvad…

  Watch the video here.

From Mikkellers Dusty Cellars

We asked the skilled Mikkeller tasting panel to go down in the dusty cellars and try some of our old treasures to see if they are still beautiful. The conclusion is – they are. Here are the notes on six beautiful beers worth trying. Cigar City – Maduro Brown Ale A little flat when poured […]

Mikkeller & Friends opening tap list

This Saturday, as many of you people know, our new bar “Mikkeller & Friends” will open at Stefansgade 35, kld 2200 Copenhagen N. What many of you don’t know is the tap list for the opening. We announced a month ago that we would pour 1000 free Draft Beers for the opening. Due to the […]

A unique beer

For the celebration of the Saint Patrick’s day 2013, a brewery produced a dry hopped version of their world famous Irish stout.   The brewery estimated, however, that this beer was way too bitter for the UK market, and therefore, the entire production was kicked out.   All the beer was thrown out – with […]

Friends & Crazy Shit!

About time – that we say a little more about the Mikkeller Friends. We will serve the craziest you can find on our new bar in Stefansgade. We are proud to say – that our long time friends from Three Floyds have promissed us a river of their best stuff for the bar. And not […]

Mikkeller Beer tasting

  Friday the 12th April we invite you to a beer tasting in Mikkeller’s showroom located at Vesterbrogade 20 – first floor on the right. (2 minute walk from Mikkeller Bar in Victoria Street). The event starts at 17.00 and lasts about two hours. The tasting will consist of 8 delicious beers from Mikkeller, where […]