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A new x-mas friends

                                          Lets us introduce Win Bic. Win Bic is a new friend in the X-mas family from Mikkeller. Its a blended Spontan Ale and Saison, It is 6,0% abv, It is awesome and it comes […]

Invitation to Copenhagen Beer Celebration

Dear friends, freaks and family. It is our honour and privilege to invite You to our celebration, of the worlds best craft beer. the actual celebration will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2014, but events will happen all week. Last year we had 30 breweries for three sessions. This year we […]


    No freeze distilling needed. This beer has been barrelaged 10 times on different bourbon barrels. It took us two years to bring the imperial stout Black up from the original 18% ABV to the amazing 26,1%. How about the taste? There is a reason it is called the “Black Fist”. Decant it as […]

Ink Me

Our great friends from Crooked Moon Tattoo have decided to do a pop up at Mikkeller & Friends on the 1. of November. Jacob and Jonas are outstanding at what they do and we are proud to have them. Keith was psyched about the project and immediately offered to do some cool designs. The plan […]

CBC 2014

    We have spoken to friends and they are happy to come to Copenhagen for another great celebration. So CBC will happen again on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2014 We have planned changes and have some new cool stuff coming – we promise that we will tell you more about that in […]

Cocktail with friends @ Mikkeller & Friends.

        Friends, freaks and fans of Mikkeller & Friends! This friday we are proud to present a beer cocktail event, come down and try Cocktail Geek Breakfast, Total Nemesis and Size Dosen’t Matter. All cocktails are produced and made by our speciall bartender for the night Morten Bruun. Come down on friday […]

Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

  With the last days talk ( about crual treatment of Kopi Luwak producing civets it is important for us to say this: We do not use Kopi Luwak from Indonesia in Beer Geek brunch Weasel. We use the Vietnamese variety cà phê Chồn. We have been aware since we started using cà phê Chồn in 2008 […]

New batch of Black Spirits

Finally the new batch of Black Beer brandy has arrived. The first badge of the destilled imperial stout sold out way to quickly. The wait has been long for us, but now it is finally here. Black still comes in three versions. They have been barrelaged on three different types of 30 liter barrels (Oloroso, […]

Mikkeller Tasting Panel and Mad Food Camp beers

Mikkeller Tasting panel on Beer for Mad Food Camp 2013 Here is the short resume of the tasting. The project with Mad Beer 3 is a project were five individual beers have been brewed for the Mad Beer symposium in Copenhagen. Each beer is made to test an ingredient or to match a specific meal. […]

shoveling coal

To keep the Mikkeller machine running we hired this guy to shovel coal. Don´t mistake Robert for his soft looks, he´s a machine and he will keep on pushing when the rest of us grow tired. His tasks apart from the coal thing is to communicate with our customers abroad and make sure that you […]

awesome news – Keith Shore has signed

No more freelancing. Our man in Philly Keith Shore has finally joined us full time as the Mikkeller Art Director. Welcome friend – this is great news for us, we can´t wait to do more funky shit with you. Hell yeah

Our Danish Pig

  Hello Beer Geeks and Mikkeller Freaks, Now it is time to eat some pig. Sunday the 1st of September, Monday the 2nd of September and Tuesday the 3rd of September you can be a part of this pig event. These pigs have been treated like little princesses, they have lived a great life in […]

Alpha State take over/meet the brewer at Mikkeller & Friends.

Friends Freaks & Fans Jonathan Queally from Alpha State Brewery England is coming to town. This saturday the 10/8 Jonathan will bring seven new beers to Danish soil. Bitter Love Citron Vand Mette L Neapolitan Poudrette “C” Ryg og Rejs Simcoe IPA So don’t miss this chance to test some amazing beers and have a […]

Meet the Brewer Brekeriet 31/7 Mikkeller & Friends.

Time to meet some of our friends from Scania! Brekeriet is one of the interesting up and coming breweries from Sweden. The Ek brothers mixes traditional beer styles with modern style farmhouse influences. They’re bringing 6 kegs among them some old favorites, as well as some beers never before served in Denmark. For more info […]

Mikkeller Bar San Fransisco is Opening!

It is now official! The Mikkeller Bar in San Francisco is opening up the doors for all of you beer geeks and Mikkeller freaks the 9th august! 42 taps will be pouring some of the absolute most delicious, potent and exclusive craft beers from breweries all over the world, and we want you to come […]

Single Hop IPA’s

  Here at Mikkeller we love IPA, we love hops and in particular we love Single Hop IPA. Single Hop provides you with a unique opportunity to taste the different hop varieties isolated. Right now we have two different single hop series out. One is part of a PhD project that is trying to uncover […]

Copenhell Moonshine

Copenhell – the biggest Metal Festival in Denmark – is now well over. The last long haired heads has been shook, the last maniac mosh pit has been made and the last throat breaking, growling sing a long shout out loud song has been sung. Mikkeller was of course represented to this festival due to […]

New tasting at the Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop!

Gather round all you ruggy tutters, ’cause we’re going to show you what Beer is all about! New tasting in the Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop. Tobias from To Øl will present a line up of their crazy good beers and give an insight to the thoughts behind them. Tasting will be at The Mikkeller & […]

Spontanisk Haves Dag

This Sunday (9th) Mikkeller and To Øl will invade the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen at its annual Botanical Garden Day where the garden opens up for all its small secrets and mysterious plants and invites special gardeners, workshops and people using plants, flowers or anything botanical in a special context to come celebrate the diversity […]

Our web shop is up and running again

  Guys and girls – beer geeks and Mikkeller freaks, I have some good news for you today. Mikkellers web shop is working again. Yeah baby, it’s up and running. Classic t-shirts, new t-shirts, beer and booze, chilli sauce, sweat shirts and posters, even the super rare Copenhell Moonshine is in stock right now, so […]