Mikkeller & Friends – Stefansgade, Copenhagen

What’s on at Mikkeller & Friends, Copenhagen

1 Mikkeller: Nørrebro Spontanale 11 Mikkeller: Spontanchokeberry 21 To øl : sans frontier ba. White wine 31 Three floyds : cimmerian sabretooth berzerker
2 Mikkeller: Nørrebro Brown ale 12 mikkeller: American dream 22 Pracownia piwa: hey now wheat wine 32 Faction: blitzen
3 Mikkeller: Nørrebro wit 13 mikkeller : its alive mango & chardonnay 23 mikkeller/to øl : juicebag 33 To øl/siren : 10 toe discount
4 To øl : sundancer 14 Mikkeller: Beer geek dessert 24 pracownia piwa: 100! 34 three floyds : Yum yum
5 Mikkeller: nørrebro pils 15 Mikropolis cocktail: sorrel g&t 25 pracownia piwa:dragon fire 35 Weyerbacher/napar bier: jester tree
6 To øl: shamelessly barrel aged 16 To øl: grenadier 26 Pracownia piwa: mr. Hard rocks 36 beavertown : smog rocket
7 To øl/siren: middle finger discount 17 Mikkeller: henrik bohse ipa 27 Pracownia piwa: mr. Hard barley 37 Three floyds: arctic panzer wolf
8 Mikkeller: black hole 18 Pracownia piwa: hey now 28 mikkeller/amager : the day the amager rednecks kicked some serious mikkeller fratboy ass 38 Brew by numbers : 05|03 amarillo mosaic ipa
9 to øl: mochaccino messiah 19 Mikkeller: croocked moon 29 Pracownia piwa: smoked cracow by night 39 Mad : sød
10 To øl : insane in the grain 20 Pracownia piwa: smoked crawow ho ho ho 30 The kernel: Centennial & Cascade pale ale 40 to øl: mine is bigger than yours


40 different beers on tap from Mikkeller, To Øl, Three Floyds and more great microbreweries. More than 200 bottled beers, selected spirits, cider and soft drinks, adjoining bottle shop and a unique interior. All of it to be enjoyed by beer geeks as well as novices.

Once upon a time Mikkel Borg Bjergsø worked as a math and physics teacher at a Copenhagen high school. After school he taught two enthusiastic students to brew beer in the school kitchen. The brewing quickly became more than just a hobby for the two students, who started their own brewery, To Øl, in 2010. In March 2013 the two former students and their teacher joined forces and opened up the second Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen, Mikkeller & Friends. The bar was born out of the first bar’s popularity.

“The new bar is supposed to take some of the pressure from the bar at Viktoriagade, but at the same time we, of course, have the intention of creating something new and crazier. Once again we aim to serve the world’s best beer in the best possible manner in the best possible surroundings,” says Bjergsø.

Mikkeller and To Øl handpicked a duo of interior decorators to build the perfect but untraditional surroundings for the beer.
“We’ve created a modern bierstube from raw materials with a masculine expression and different kinds of standing and sitting areas that makes it possible for the guests to create their own intimate space without being isolated from the rest of the bar,” says Karsten K., who along with carpenter and designer Kristian Lillelund, Rum4, build an inventive universe with shiny, turquoise floors, light, custom-made wooden benches, tables and lamps and lots of adventurous details.

Mikkeller & Friends is three times as big as the bar on Viktoriagade and has an adjoining bottle shop. The selection of beer on offer is something out of the ordinary with no less than forty taps. In addition there is more than 200 selected beers on the menu. The bar also offers cider, Mikkeller Spirits, soft drinks and special gourmet sausages and cheese to enjoy with the beer.

Moreover Mikkeller & Friends has an exclusive cooperation with the legendary U.S. brewery Three Floyds making it the only place outside of the U.S. serving Three Floyd’s draught beer.
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Stefansgade No. 35 Kld.
2200 Copenhagen N.
+45 3583 1020

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Sun-Wed: 14:00-24:00
Thur-Fri: 14:00-02:00
Sat: 12:00-02:00