Mikkeller Bar – Viktoriagade, Copenhagen

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1 Mikkeller: Vesterbro Pils 6 Mikkeller: beer geek brunch weasel b.a. Islay whisky 11 Dupont: avec les bons voeux 2010 16 De dolle: stille nacht 2010
2 Mikkeller: vesterbro wit 7 D’achouffe: n’ice chouffe 2011 12 Dupont: avec les bons voeux 2011 17 De dolle: stille nacht 2011
3 Mikkeller: Vester Brownale 8 Mikkeller : Mission Chinese 13 Mikkeller: big worse 18 De dolle: stille nacht 2012
4 Mikkeller : Vesterbro spontan 9 D’achouffe: n’ice chouffe 2013 14 Mikkeller: Spontan Redcurrant 19 De dolle: stille nacht 2013
5 Mikkeller: beer geek brunch weasel b.a. Brandy 10 Mikkeller: k:rlek 6 15 Boon : 2 Year Lambic 20 De dolle: stille nacht 2014

Mikkeller Bar

20 taps from Mikkeller and other great breweries from around the world, specialized bottle selection, selected sodas and spirits, gourmet cheese and other snacks, excellent service, great music and atmosphere every day of the week. Located in the heart of Vesterbro.

Often beer drinking is something you connect with big, round tummies and sports on a flat screen. But at the Copenhagen based Mikkeller Bar the high quality of the beer goes hand in hand with the delicacy of the surroundings.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø’s ambition was nothing less than to create the best beer bar in the world – a small, cool place for beer enthusiasts as well as novices to enjoy top quality micro brewed beer from Mikkeller and other innovative breweries from around the world. And he wanted the interior to match the quality of the beer. Therefore he hired the Danish design bureau Femmes Regionales, who decided to combine the classic interior of old Danish pubs with something more modern and elegant:
“- Just like Mikkeller has combined the old profession of brewing with more innovative and experimenting methods,” Caroline Hansen, one of the founders of Femmes Regionales, explains.

With her companion Mie Nielsen, she went pub-crawling in the centre of Copenhagen to collect some inspiration.

“We found the contrast between the classical pub interior and something more modern really interesting,” the designer says.
The result is a relaxed yet sophisticated whole with wooden tables and benches, a shiny wall of black tiles and details of golden lamps, knobs, coat hooks and flowers in dusty colours.

All in all the bar is not quite as ‘manly’ as most beer places, and Femmes Regionales wanted to add a twist of solemness to the place as well, which they – among other things – did by designing a row of small chests of drawers with mirrors and golden knobs that they hung on the wall, Caroline Hansens explains:

“If there is something a bit solemn to a place, people won’t bang their fists in the tables and empty their glasses in one sip, but behave in a different manner. We like to demand something from our audience – beauty generates beauty.”

Mikkeller Bar was voted the best bar in Copenhagen by the Danish daily paper Politiken in april 2012.
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Viktoriagade No. 8 B-C
1655 Copenhagen.
+45 3331 0415

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Sun-Wed: 13:00-01:00
Thur-Fri: 13:00-02:00
Sat: 12:00-02:00