Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Warpigs: Lazy,Rite?
2Warpigs: Lazurite
3Warpigs: Rain of Terror
4Warpigs: Frank the Tank
5Warpigs: Iron Dice
6Warpigs: Lil' Drunk Baby
7Warpigs / 2nd Shift: Into The Void
8Warpigs: Wheezin The Juice
9Warpigs: Snake Pit City
10Warpigs: Big Drunk Baby
11Warpigs: Real Estate Mongol
12Warpigs: Salmon Pants
13Warpigs: Sky Burial
14Warpigs: Eternal Needler
15Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse w/Passionfruit
16Warpigs: Mikkeller Berlin x Five Elephant Coffee Berliner Weiss
17Warpigs: Mikkel's Dream
18Warpigs: Elite Human
19Warpigs: Opposite Optimist
20Warpigs: Cold Chocolate
21Brouwerij Boon: Lambiek Boon
22Warpigs x Claimstake: John Rohner Is My Homeboy
1Warpigs: Lazy,Rite?13Warpigs: Sky Burial
2Warpigs: Lazurite14Warpigs: Eternal Needler
3Warpigs: Rain of Terror15Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse w/Passionfruit
4Warpigs: Frank the Tank16Warpigs: Mikkeller Berlin x Five Elephant Coffee Berliner Weiss
5Warpigs: Iron Dice17Warpigs: Mikkel's Dream
6Warpigs: Lil' Drunk Baby18Warpigs: Elite Human
7Warpigs / 2nd Shift: Into The Void19Warpigs: Opposite Optimist
8Warpigs: Wheezin The Juice20Warpigs: Cold Chocolate
9Warpigs: Snake Pit City21Brouwerij Boon: Lambiek Boon
10Warpigs: Big Drunk Baby22Warpigs x Claimstake: John Rohner Is My Homeboy
11Warpigs: Real Estate Mongol23
12Warpigs: Salmon Pants24
1Warpigs: Lazy,Rite?9Warpigs: Snake Pit City17Warpigs: Mikkel's Dream
2Warpigs: Lazurite10Warpigs: Big Drunk Baby18Warpigs: Elite Human
3Warpigs: Rain of Terror11Warpigs: Real Estate Mongol19Warpigs: Opposite Optimist
4Warpigs: Frank the Tank12Warpigs: Salmon Pants20Warpigs: Cold Chocolate
5Warpigs: Iron Dice13Warpigs: Sky Burial21Brouwerij Boon: Lambiek Boon
6Warpigs: Lil' Drunk Baby14Warpigs: Eternal Needler22Warpigs x Claimstake: John Rohner Is My Homeboy
7Warpigs / 2nd Shift: Into The Void15Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse w/Passionfruit23
8Warpigs: Wheezin The Juice16Warpigs: Mikkeller Berlin x Five Elephant Coffee Berliner Weiss24
1Warpigs: Lazy,Rite?7Warpigs / 2nd Shift: Into The Void13Warpigs: Sky Burial19Warpigs: Opposite Optimist
2Warpigs: Lazurite8Warpigs: Wheezin The Juice14Warpigs: Eternal Needler20Warpigs: Cold Chocolate
3Warpigs: Rain of Terror9Warpigs: Snake Pit City15Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse w/Passionfruit21Brouwerij Boon: Lambiek Boon
4Warpigs: Frank the Tank10Warpigs: Big Drunk Baby16Warpigs: Mikkeller Berlin x Five Elephant Coffee Berliner Weiss22Warpigs x Claimstake: John Rohner Is My Homeboy
5Warpigs: Iron Dice11Warpigs: Real Estate Mongol17Warpigs: Mikkel's Dream23
6Warpigs: Lil' Drunk Baby12Warpigs: Salmon Pants18Warpigs: Elite Human24

Warpigs Brewpub
Flæsketorvet 25 – 37
1711 Copenhagen V
The Meatpacking District​
+45 4348 4848

Mon—Thu: 11.30—00.00
Fri—Sat: 11.00—02.00
Sun: 11.00—23.00

American brewery 3 Floyds and Mikkeller have together created a love-child that serves the best authentic Texas barbecue and American-Danish style craft beer this side of the Atlantic.

Located in an old slaughterhouse in the middle of the Copenhagen meatpacking district, WarPigs can accommodate 180 people inside and 100 outside.
There are 22 taps to be poured; circulating house beers and experimental brews plus guest beers from around the world.

All of the house beer is made meters from the bar, in our custom-designed, hand-welded brewery. Head brewer Lan Xin Foo and her brewing team are making up to 8 brews a week and are constantly experimenting with new recipes. There will be collaborations year-round with guest brewers coming from all over the world to create their own version of a WarPigs beer. Over the last year we’ve been expanding our bottling production so you might see our beers on the shelves of your local bottle shop. Want to bring beers home? With our crowler seamer you can choose any beer on tap and we’ll seal a 1 liter can right in front of you. Another addition from the US is Head Chef, Le Cordon Bleu-educated Andrew Hroza. Andrew has catered both Hell’s Kitchen and fed Slipknot and Van Halen on tour. With barbecue as his area of expertise, all the meat will be prepared in Europe’s biggest, high quality smokers that can smoke up to a ton of meat a day.

“WarPigs will add hot and smoky to the food scene in Copenhagen. With a twist, we are bringing traditional Texas BBQ which is the perfect balance of meat, smoke, and seasoning.”
-Andrew Hroza

General inquiries info@warpigs.dk
booking@warpigs.dk (only groups of 8 or more)
Phone: +45 4348 4848