Ramen To Bíiru – Nørrebro

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Warpigs: Frank the Tank
2Norrebro Pils
3Warpigs: Futon of Nails
4Tired Hands: Saison Hands
5Red White and Christmas
1Warpigs: Frank the Tank4Tired Hands: Saison Hands
2Norrebro Pils5Red White and Christmas
3Warpigs: Futon of Nails 
1Warpigs: Frank the Tank3Warpigs: Futon of Nails5Red White and Christmas
2Norrebro Pils4Tired Hands: Saison Hands 
1Warpigs: Frank the Tank3Warpigs: Futon of Nails5Red White and Christmas 
2Norrebro Pils4Tired Hands: Saison Hands  

Griffenfeldsgade 28
2200 Copenhagen
+45 50 53 02 22
Note: Last order 15 mins before closing time

Mon—Thu: 12.00—21.00
Fri—Sat: 12.00—23.00
Sun: 12.00—20.00

Ramen To Bíiru is an authentic Japanese ramen joint created by Bento Copenhagen and Mikkeller. The origin of ramen is Chinese and was altered and engineered into its current state. Japanese ramen is now a traditional dish which is carefully nourished and cared for by every chef, in secrecy, with their own unique recipe. We have done the same and brought in Takuro Otani from Japan long before the opening, so he could adjust to the surroundings and prepare his broth exactly as it would be in Japan.

Takuro works on the 3 major categories of ramen; Shio, Shoyu and Miso, these styles lay out a spectrum of flavours from the most light (shio) to the most rich (miso) and are all topped with home made noodles and finely selected toppings. We recommend the specially designed beer from Mikkeller, Ramen Beer (A Beligian Light Ale), to accompany our ramen.

Welcome to Ramen To Bíiru.