Øl & Brød by Mikkeller

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller Vesterbro Pilsner
2Warpigs VesterbroOrginale
3Mikkeller Kaffestout
4Mikkeller Drink'in Berliner Yuzu
5Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Saturners
6Mikkeller Milk Stout
7Mikkeller Texas Ranger
8Mikkeller Vesterbro Wit
9Mikkeller Monks Elixir
1Mikkeller Vesterbro Pilsner6Mikkeller Milk Stout
2Warpigs VesterbroOrginale7Mikkeller Texas Ranger
3Mikkeller Kaffestout8Mikkeller Vesterbro Wit
4Mikkeller Drink'in Berliner Yuzu9Mikkeller Monks Elixir
5Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Saturners10
1Mikkeller Vesterbro Pilsner5Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Saturners9Mikkeller Monks Elixir
2Warpigs VesterbroOrginale6Mikkeller Milk Stout10
3Mikkeller Kaffestout7Mikkeller Texas Ranger 
4Mikkeller Drink'in Berliner Yuzu8Mikkeller Vesterbro Wit 
1Mikkeller Vesterbro Pilsner4Mikkeller Drink'in Berliner Yuzu7Mikkeller Texas Ranger10
2Warpigs VesterbroOrginale5Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Saturners8Mikkeller Vesterbro Wit 
3Mikkeller Kaffestout6Mikkeller Milk Stout9Mikkeller Monks Elixir 

Viktoriagade 6
1655 Copenhagen V
+45 33 31 44 22

Thu—Thu: 11.30—16.00
Thu—Thu: 18.00 (Kitchen)—20.30 (Kitchen)
Fri—Sat: 11.30—16.00
Fri—Sat: 18.00 (Kitchen)—21:30 (Kitchen)

Welcome to Øl & Brød. We are specializing in Smørrebrød, the traditional Danish open faced rye bread sandwich – Paired with the world class beers of Mikkeller and other top breweries. Our food builds on classic, traditional flavors, but with room for modern adaptations and a greater aesthetic expression. We believe in an ever-changing menu following the seasons to always present the best of nature. We also strive to offer the most extensive and ambitious selection of Aquavits in Denmark to complement and enhance our food, with a selection ranging from traditional Scandinavian Aquavit, to more modern interpretations and rare vintages.

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