Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Warpigs: Sugar Telescope
2Brus: Nice To Malt You
3To ØL: Raparationsbajer (Gluten Free)
4Brus: Jackie Wants A Black Eye
5Mikkeller: Spontanhibiscus
6Brus: I Can't Believe It's Not Pilsner
7Mikkeller: Vendersgade IPA
8To ØL: Pillow Talk
9To ØL: Goliat
10Mikkeller: Watermelon Gose
11MIKKELLER BEER GEEK: Riesling White Wine
12MIKROPOLIS COCKTAIL: Organic Rhubarb Spritz
15Proper Pukka Innit
16Earth was water
17Pink slip
20Freddy's smokey cherries
21Forbidden Colombian Love
22Dante's Gone Sour
23La Vecchia Signora
24Dolores The Zombie Ghost
1Warpigs: Sugar Telescope13GREEN WITH ENVY
2Brus: Nice To Malt You14YUZU SOUR
3To ØL: Raparationsbajer (Gluten Free)15Proper Pukka Innit
4Brus: Jackie Wants A Black Eye16Earth was water
5Mikkeller: Spontanhibiscus17Pink slip
6Brus: I Can't Believe It's Not Pilsner18MANDELA
7Mikkeller: Vendersgade IPA19BEE'S NIECE
8To ØL: Pillow Talk20Freddy's smokey cherries
9To ØL: Goliat21Forbidden Colombian Love
10Mikkeller: Watermelon Gose22Dante's Gone Sour
11MIKKELLER BEER GEEK: Riesling White Wine23La Vecchia Signora
12MIKROPOLIS COCKTAIL: Organic Rhubarb Spritz24Dolores The Zombie Ghost
1Warpigs: Sugar Telescope9To ØL: Goliat17Pink slip
2Brus: Nice To Malt You10Mikkeller: Watermelon Gose18MANDELA
3To ØL: Raparationsbajer (Gluten Free)11MIKKELLER BEER GEEK: Riesling White Wine19BEE'S NIECE
4Brus: Jackie Wants A Black Eye12MIKROPOLIS COCKTAIL: Organic Rhubarb Spritz20Freddy's smokey cherries
5Mikkeller: Spontanhibiscus13GREEN WITH ENVY21Forbidden Colombian Love
6Brus: I Can't Believe It's Not Pilsner14YUZU SOUR22Dante's Gone Sour
7Mikkeller: Vendersgade IPA15Proper Pukka Innit23La Vecchia Signora
8To ØL: Pillow Talk16Earth was water24Dolores The Zombie Ghost
1Warpigs: Sugar Telescope7Mikkeller: Vendersgade IPA13GREEN WITH ENVY19BEE'S NIECE
2Brus: Nice To Malt You8To ØL: Pillow Talk14YUZU SOUR20Freddy's smokey cherries
3To ØL: Raparationsbajer (Gluten Free)9To ØL: Goliat15Proper Pukka Innit21Forbidden Colombian Love
4Brus: Jackie Wants A Black Eye10Mikkeller: Watermelon Gose16Earth was water22Dante's Gone Sour
5Mikkeller: Spontanhibiscus11MIKKELLER BEER GEEK: Riesling White Wine17Pink slip23La Vecchia Signora
6Brus: I Can't Believe It's Not Pilsner12MIKROPOLIS COCKTAIL: Organic Rhubarb Spritz18MANDELA24Dolores The Zombie Ghost

Vendersgade 22
1363 Copenhagen K.
+45 3213 7997

Tue—Thu: 16.00—24.00
Fri—Sat: 16.00—02.00


Mikropolis is a small cozy cocktail bar with 10 beer taps and a bold bottle list. Or maybe it’s a beer bar with great cocktails and a huge spirit selection. It’s definitely a place where you can challenge your taste buds throughout the night, bringing beer freaks and booze heads together, and avoiding the cab ride in between your IIPA’s and Negronis.