Mikkeller Bar Ari

Bangkok, Thailand

What's on:

1Mikkeller - Ari Wit
2Mikkeller - Not Just Another Wit
3Mikkeller - American Dream DDH
4Mikkeller - K:rlek 13
5Mikkeller - Organic Haze
6Mikkeller - Terroir Amarillo Germany
7Mikkeller - Stella 7
8Mikkeller - ICH BIN Oregon Raspberry & Coffee
9Warpigs - Champain Lemon BA Tokaji
10Mikkeller - Spontanbeetroot
11Mikkeller New York - Beer Geek Parlor
12Mikkeller San Diego - Beer Geek Thailand
13Mikkeller - Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
14Young Master - Mo Mo Wit
15Young Master - Cha Chaan Teng
16Outlaw - Gateway IPA
17Outlaw - Mosaic IPA
18Eleventh Fort - IPA
19Happy New Beer - Pilsner
20Sandport - Broken Sword
1Mikkeller - Ari Wit11Mikkeller New York - Beer Geek Parlor
2Mikkeller - Not Just Another Wit12Mikkeller San Diego - Beer Geek Thailand
3Mikkeller - American Dream DDH13Mikkeller - Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
4Mikkeller - K:rlek 1314Young Master - Mo Mo Wit
5Mikkeller - Organic Haze15Young Master - Cha Chaan Teng
6Mikkeller - Terroir Amarillo Germany16Outlaw - Gateway IPA
7Mikkeller - Stella 717Outlaw - Mosaic IPA
8Mikkeller - ICH BIN Oregon Raspberry & Coffee18Eleventh Fort - IPA
9Warpigs - Champain Lemon BA Tokaji19Happy New Beer - Pilsner
10Mikkeller - Spontanbeetroot20Sandport - Broken Sword
1Mikkeller - Ari Wit8Mikkeller - ICH BIN Oregon Raspberry & Coffee15Young Master - Cha Chaan Teng
2Mikkeller - Not Just Another Wit9Warpigs - Champain Lemon BA Tokaji16Outlaw - Gateway IPA
3Mikkeller - American Dream DDH10Mikkeller - Spontanbeetroot17Outlaw - Mosaic IPA
4Mikkeller - K:rlek 1311Mikkeller New York - Beer Geek Parlor18Eleventh Fort - IPA
5Mikkeller - Organic Haze12Mikkeller San Diego - Beer Geek Thailand19Happy New Beer - Pilsner
6Mikkeller - Terroir Amarillo Germany13Mikkeller - Beer Geek Vanilla Shake20Sandport - Broken Sword
7Mikkeller - Stella 714Young Master - Mo Mo Wit 
1Mikkeller - Ari Wit6Mikkeller - Terroir Amarillo Germany11Mikkeller New York - Beer Geek Parlor16Outlaw - Gateway IPA
2Mikkeller - Not Just Another Wit7Mikkeller - Stella 712Mikkeller San Diego - Beer Geek Thailand17Outlaw - Mosaic IPA
3Mikkeller - American Dream DDH8Mikkeller - ICH BIN Oregon Raspberry & Coffee13Mikkeller - Beer Geek Vanilla Shake18Eleventh Fort - IPA
4Mikkeller - K:rlek 139Warpigs - Champain Lemon BA Tokaji14Young Master - Mo Mo Wit19Happy New Beer - Pilsner
5Mikkeller - Organic Haze10Mikkeller - Spontanbeetroot15Young Master - Cha Chaan Teng20Sandport - Broken Sword

Mikkeller Ari
68/1 Soi Ari Samphan 1,
Phanhonyothin Road, Phayathai
Bangkok 10400, Thailand


Mon—Wed: 17.00—00.00
Thu—Sat: 17.00—00.00
Sun: 17.00—00.00

To embrace some of all the things we love about Thailand, we are happy to offer you a Mikkeller bar with a unique Thai twist! Mikkeller Ari is offering 20 taps showcasing a rotating selection of Mikkeller beers, along side our favourite Thai craft beers. To accompany the beers, we offer a selection of our take on some of our favourite Thai dishes, as well as regional offerings from around Thailand.