Mikkeller Bar

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

What's on:

1Mikkeller: Torshavn Pils
2Mikkeller: Torshavn Wit
3Mikkeller: Torshavn Brown
4Mikkeller: Torshavn Spontan
5Mikkeller: Peter, Pale, and Mary
6Mikkeller: Mastodon Mother Puncher
7Mikkeller / Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling
8Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Mango
9Mikkeller: Spontan Japan
10Mikkeller / D’Proef: Black Bear
11Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri
12Mikkeller: Recipe 1000 BA Sauternes 2016
13WarPigs: YouReallyFuckedMeUp & ImReallyFuckingFurious
14Rodenbach: Alexander 2016
15Boon: Lambic 2y old for Mariage Parfait 2012
16Okkara: Gullhornið
1Mikkeller: Torshavn Pils9Mikkeller: Spontan Japan
2Mikkeller: Torshavn Wit10Mikkeller / D’Proef: Black Bear
3Mikkeller: Torshavn Brown11Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri
4Mikkeller: Torshavn Spontan12Mikkeller: Recipe 1000 BA Sauternes 2016
5Mikkeller: Peter, Pale, and Mary13WarPigs: YouReallyFuckedMeUp & ImReallyFuckingFurious
6Mikkeller: Mastodon Mother Puncher14Rodenbach: Alexander 2016
7Mikkeller / Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling15Boon: Lambic 2y old for Mariage Parfait 2012
8Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Mango16Okkara: Gullhornið
1Mikkeller: Torshavn Pils7Mikkeller / Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling13WarPigs: YouReallyFuckedMeUp & ImReallyFuckingFurious
2Mikkeller: Torshavn Wit8Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Mango14Rodenbach: Alexander 2016
3Mikkeller: Torshavn Brown9Mikkeller: Spontan Japan15Boon: Lambic 2y old for Mariage Parfait 2012
4Mikkeller: Torshavn Spontan10Mikkeller / D’Proef: Black Bear16Okkara: Gullhornið
5Mikkeller: Peter, Pale, and Mary11Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri 
6Mikkeller: Mastodon Mother Puncher12Mikkeller: Recipe 1000 BA Sauternes 2016 
1Mikkeller: Torshavn Pils5Mikkeller: Peter, Pale, and Mary9Mikkeller: Spontan Japan13WarPigs: YouReallyFuckedMeUp & ImReallyFuckingFurious
2Mikkeller: Torshavn Wit6Mikkeller: Mastodon Mother Puncher10Mikkeller / D’Proef: Black Bear14Rodenbach: Alexander 2016
3Mikkeller: Torshavn Brown7Mikkeller / Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling11Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri15Boon: Lambic 2y old for Mariage Parfait 2012
4Mikkeller: Torshavn Spontan8Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Mango12Mikkeller: Recipe 1000 BA Sauternes 201616Okkara: Gullhornið

Gongin 2
Faroe Islands

Contact: +298 411500

Sun—Thu: 17.00—00.00
Fri: 16.00—01.00
Sat: 14.00—01.00

Mikkeller Tórshavn

On a remote set of North Atlantic Islands, tucked away amongst the pristine fjords, surrounded by free-roaming sheep, nestled in a historic neighborhood, lies a four hundred year old wooden house, now home to our most hidden oasis, Mikkeller Tórshavn.

The bar features 16 taps and a variety of the best beers from Mikkeller and our friends from around the world.