Mikkeller Bar

Tokyo, Japan

What's on:

1Mikkeller Toriaezu Pils
2Mikkeller Toriaezu Wit
3Mikkeller Toriaezu Brown
4Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast
5Mikkeller Mosaic IIPA
6Mikkeller SpontanYuzu
7Mikkeller 12oz Wineale
8Mikkeller Raspberry Trippelbock BA Bourbon
9Warpigs Sky Burial BA Bourbon
10Warpigs Sky Burial
11Terada Honke Musubi
12Hansharo Sumeragi BA Ichiro's Malt
13Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Chardonnay
14Song Bird Cuvee de Primtemps
15Devil Craft Angel Crush IPA
16Surly Darkness
17Mikkeller SpontanTripleBlueberry
18Mikkeller SpontanQuadrupleRaspberry
19Boon Foeder #97 2 Year
20Warpigs Slush Metal
1Mikkeller Toriaezu Pils11Terada Honke Musubi
2Mikkeller Toriaezu Wit12Hansharo Sumeragi BA Ichiro's Malt
3Mikkeller Toriaezu Brown13Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Chardonnay
4Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast14Song Bird Cuvee de Primtemps
5Mikkeller Mosaic IIPA15Devil Craft Angel Crush IPA
6Mikkeller SpontanYuzu16Surly Darkness
7Mikkeller 12oz Wineale17Mikkeller SpontanTripleBlueberry
8Mikkeller Raspberry Trippelbock BA Bourbon18Mikkeller SpontanQuadrupleRaspberry
9Warpigs Sky Burial BA Bourbon19Boon Foeder #97 2 Year
10Warpigs Sky Burial20Warpigs Slush Metal
1Mikkeller Toriaezu Pils8Mikkeller Raspberry Trippelbock BA Bourbon15Devil Craft Angel Crush IPA
2Mikkeller Toriaezu Wit9Warpigs Sky Burial BA Bourbon16Surly Darkness
3Mikkeller Toriaezu Brown10Warpigs Sky Burial17Mikkeller SpontanTripleBlueberry
4Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast11Terada Honke Musubi18Mikkeller SpontanQuadrupleRaspberry
5Mikkeller Mosaic IIPA12Hansharo Sumeragi BA Ichiro's Malt19Boon Foeder #97 2 Year
6Mikkeller SpontanYuzu13Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Chardonnay20Warpigs Slush Metal
7Mikkeller 12oz Wineale14Song Bird Cuvee de Primtemps 
1Mikkeller Toriaezu Pils6Mikkeller SpontanYuzu11Terada Honke Musubi16Surly Darkness
2Mikkeller Toriaezu Wit7Mikkeller 12oz Wineale12Hansharo Sumeragi BA Ichiro's Malt17Mikkeller SpontanTripleBlueberry
3Mikkeller Toriaezu Brown8Mikkeller Raspberry Trippelbock BA Bourbon13Mikkeller Recipe 1000 BA Chardonnay18Mikkeller SpontanQuadrupleRaspberry
4Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast9Warpigs Sky Burial BA Bourbon14Song Bird Cuvee de Primtemps19Boon Foeder #97 2 Year
5Mikkeller Mosaic IIPA10Warpigs Sky Burial15Devil Craft Angel Crush IPA20Warpigs Slush Metal

Shibuya, Tokyo

Mon—Thu: 15.00—00.30
Fri: 15.00—01.30
Sat: 12.00—01.30
Sun: 12.00—00.30

Mikkeller Bar, Tokyo

Tucked in the back streets of Shibuya across from a love hotel and a shrine, Mikkeller Tokyo puts the craziest beers from around the world and Japan on 20 taps. Drink downstairs watching the action on the street or move up to the second floor for a quieter place to relax with friends. Whether it’s your first craft beer or your thousandth, Mikkeller Tokyo has you covered.