Mikkeller Bar

Stockholm, Sweden

What's on:

1Mikkeller: Sture Pils
2Mikkeller: Sture Brown Ale
3Mikkeller: Sture Wit
4Mikkeller: not just another wit
5Mikkeller: Sture Spontanale
6Mikkeller: american dream
7To øl cph: indian summer
8Mikkeller: k:rlek höst/vinter 2018
9beerbliotek: better late than never
10Mikkeller: hallo ich bin berliner double cherry
11brekeriet: cherry red - vild
12brekeriet: Pink passion
13Mikkeller: stateside ipa
14Mikkeller: draft bear
15Mikkeller: hôtel henry
16Mikkeller: green gold
17Grand paris: waimea bay
18O/O: long boil barley wine
19To øl: ms. Grey
20Mikkeller: bean geek session porter
21Warpigs: moonbase of filth
22warpigs: smoldering holes
23Mikkeller: black
24mikkeller/meierer: beer geek riesling
1Mikkeller: Sture Pils13Mikkeller: stateside ipa
2Mikkeller: Sture Brown Ale14Mikkeller: draft bear
3Mikkeller: Sture Wit15Mikkeller: hôtel henry
4Mikkeller: not just another wit16Mikkeller: green gold
5Mikkeller: Sture Spontanale17Grand paris: waimea bay
6Mikkeller: american dream18O/O: long boil barley wine
7To øl cph: indian summer19To øl: ms. Grey
8Mikkeller: k:rlek höst/vinter 201820Mikkeller: bean geek session porter
9beerbliotek: better late than never21Warpigs: moonbase of filth
10Mikkeller: hallo ich bin berliner double cherry22warpigs: smoldering holes
11brekeriet: cherry red - vild23Mikkeller: black
12brekeriet: Pink passion24mikkeller/meierer: beer geek riesling
1Mikkeller: Sture Pils9beerbliotek: better late than never17Grand paris: waimea bay
2Mikkeller: Sture Brown Ale10Mikkeller: hallo ich bin berliner double cherry18O/O: long boil barley wine
3Mikkeller: Sture Wit11brekeriet: cherry red - vild19To øl: ms. Grey
4Mikkeller: not just another wit12brekeriet: Pink passion20Mikkeller: bean geek session porter
5Mikkeller: Sture Spontanale13Mikkeller: stateside ipa21Warpigs: moonbase of filth
6Mikkeller: american dream14Mikkeller: draft bear22warpigs: smoldering holes
7To øl cph: indian summer15Mikkeller: hôtel henry23Mikkeller: black
8Mikkeller: k:rlek höst/vinter 201816Mikkeller: green gold24mikkeller/meierer: beer geek riesling
1Mikkeller: Sture Pils7To øl cph: indian summer13Mikkeller: stateside ipa19To øl: ms. Grey
2Mikkeller: Sture Brown Ale8Mikkeller: k:rlek höst/vinter 201814Mikkeller: draft bear20Mikkeller: bean geek session porter
3Mikkeller: Sture Wit9beerbliotek: better late than never15Mikkeller: hôtel henry21Warpigs: moonbase of filth
4Mikkeller: not just another wit10Mikkeller: hallo ich bin berliner double cherry16Mikkeller: green gold22warpigs: smoldering holes
5Mikkeller: Sture Spontanale11brekeriet: cherry red - vild17Grand paris: waimea bay23Mikkeller: black
6Mikkeller: american dream12brekeriet: Pink passion18O/O: long boil barley wine24mikkeller/meierer: beer geek riesling

Brahegatan 3-5
Stockholm, Sweden

Mon: 15:00—22:00
Tue—Thu: 15:00—00:00
Fri: 12:00—01:00
Sat: 13:00—01:00
Sun: 13:00—22:00

Mikkeller Bar stockholm

We are finally back in Sweden after a few years of absence! Mikkeller Bar Stockholm carry an impressive 24 taps with ever changing beers from both Mikkeller and our friends from around the world.

Mikkeller Stockholm is situated in a small but cosy basement at Brahegatan 3-5. Besides serving a range of world class craft beers the bar also offers lunch during weekdays from 11.30-14.30.

The menu changes with the season and you can always find a small selection of Danish Style open sandwiches, famously known as ‘Smørrebrød’. In addition the in-house kitchen also serves dinner and a variety of bar snacks.

We are looking forward to seeing you.