Mikkeller Garage Salg

Copenhagen, Denmark

Flæsketorvet 55
1711 Copenhagen V

Mon—Sat: 10.00—18.00
Sun: 10.00—17.00

Do you need to stock up on beers for X-mas?

Well have no fear ’cause Mikkeller is opening a garage sale in the meat packing district from December 1st to December 31st!

The concept is really quite simple – BEER and a wide range of different Mikkeller merchandise. We’ve searched our warehouse for hidden gems, so there will be plenty of good deals to be had – and on top of that, we’ve made sure to plan a number of exciting and exclusive releases. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 10-18 and Sunday from 10-17, the address is Flæsketorvet 55 (five doors down from Warpigs).

The space itself is quite amazing and we have something crazy and exciting planned for the future of the place. If you swing by, we might even drop a hint or two as to what that might be. Can’t wait to see you there.