Mikkeller & Friends

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller: Nørrebro Spontanale
2Mikkeller: Peter, Pale and Mary
3Mikkeller: Nørrebro Wit
4Mikkeller: Nørrebro IPA
5Mikkeller: Nørrebro Pils
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro Farmhouse Ale
7Mikkeller: I Wish
8Mikkeller/Uerige: Gnavne Gamle Men
9Æblerov: Citra Dry Hopped Cider
10Mikkeller/Meierer: Wine Geek Riesling
11Mikkeller: Running Club
12Mikkeller: Sundried Saison
13Põhjala: Must Kuld
14Mikkeller: Bezzer Weisser
15Mikkeller: La Sirenita
16Northern Monk: West Coast Routes
21Verdant: Allen
22Verdant: Buddleia, Butterflies, Rust & Messages
23Verdant: Dappled
24Verdant: Don't Tell Gus
25Verdant & Buxton: Everyone was Spinning
26Verdant: I Saw a Horse on Work
27Verdant: People Do Odd Things
28Verdant: People, Money, Space, Time
29Verdant: Some Fifty
30Verdant: What's Done is Done
31Collective Arts: Radio the mothership
32Collective Arts: Sour (dry hopped with peach, passion fruit, raspberry
33Collective Arts: Stranger than fiction
34Collective Arts: Saints of circumstance
35Collective Arts: Jam up the mash
36Mikkeller: Big Worster
38Collective Arts: IPA no 10
39Collective Arts: Ransack The Universe
40Mikkeller: Organic Shandy
1Mikkeller: Nørrebro Spontanale21Verdant: Allen
2Mikkeller: Peter, Pale and Mary22Verdant: Buddleia, Butterflies, Rust & Messages
3Mikkeller: Nørrebro Wit23Verdant: Dappled
4Mikkeller: Nørrebro IPA24Verdant: Don't Tell Gus
5Mikkeller: Nørrebro Pils25Verdant & Buxton: Everyone was Spinning
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro Farmhouse Ale26Verdant: I Saw a Horse on Work
7Mikkeller: I Wish27Verdant: People Do Odd Things
8Mikkeller/Uerige: Gnavne Gamle Men28Verdant: People, Money, Space, Time
9Æblerov: Citra Dry Hopped Cider29Verdant: Some Fifty
10Mikkeller/Meierer: Wine Geek Riesling30Verdant: What's Done is Done
11Mikkeller: Running Club31Collective Arts: Radio the mothership
12Mikkeller: Sundried Saison32Collective Arts: Sour (dry hopped with peach, passion fruit, raspberry
13Põhjala: Must Kuld33Collective Arts: Stranger than fiction
14Mikkeller: Bezzer Weisser34Collective Arts: Saints of circumstance
15Mikkeller: La Sirenita35Collective Arts: Jam up the mash
16Northern Monk: West Coast Routes36Mikkeller: Big Worster
1838Collective Arts: IPA no 10
1939Collective Arts: Ransack The Universe
2040Mikkeller: Organic Shandy
1Mikkeller: Nørrebro Spontanale15Mikkeller: La Sirenita29Verdant: Some Fifty
2Mikkeller: Peter, Pale and Mary16Northern Monk: West Coast Routes30Verdant: What's Done is Done
3Mikkeller: Nørrebro Wit1731Collective Arts: Radio the mothership
4Mikkeller: Nørrebro IPA1832Collective Arts: Sour (dry hopped with peach, passion fruit, raspberry
5Mikkeller: Nørrebro Pils1933Collective Arts: Stranger than fiction
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro Farmhouse Ale2034Collective Arts: Saints of circumstance
7Mikkeller: I Wish21Verdant: Allen35Collective Arts: Jam up the mash
8Mikkeller/Uerige: Gnavne Gamle Men22Verdant: Buddleia, Butterflies, Rust & Messages36Mikkeller: Big Worster
9Æblerov: Citra Dry Hopped Cider23Verdant: Dappled37
10Mikkeller/Meierer: Wine Geek Riesling24Verdant: Don't Tell Gus38Collective Arts: IPA no 10
11Mikkeller: Running Club25Verdant & Buxton: Everyone was Spinning39Collective Arts: Ransack The Universe
12Mikkeller: Sundried Saison26Verdant: I Saw a Horse on Work40Mikkeller: Organic Shandy
13Põhjala: Must Kuld27Verdant: People Do Odd Things 
14Mikkeller: Bezzer Weisser28Verdant: People, Money, Space, Time 
1Mikkeller: Nørrebro Spontanale11Mikkeller: Running Club21Verdant: Allen31Collective Arts: Radio the mothership
2Mikkeller: Peter, Pale and Mary12Mikkeller: Sundried Saison22Verdant: Buddleia, Butterflies, Rust & Messages32Collective Arts: Sour (dry hopped with peach, passion fruit, raspberry
3Mikkeller: Nørrebro Wit13Põhjala: Must Kuld23Verdant: Dappled33Collective Arts: Stranger than fiction
4Mikkeller: Nørrebro IPA14Mikkeller: Bezzer Weisser24Verdant: Don't Tell Gus34Collective Arts: Saints of circumstance
5Mikkeller: Nørrebro Pils15Mikkeller: La Sirenita25Verdant & Buxton: Everyone was Spinning35Collective Arts: Jam up the mash
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro Farmhouse Ale16Northern Monk: West Coast Routes26Verdant: I Saw a Horse on Work36Mikkeller: Big Worster
7Mikkeller: I Wish1727Verdant: People Do Odd Things37
8Mikkeller/Uerige: Gnavne Gamle Men1828Verdant: People, Money, Space, Time38Collective Arts: IPA no 10
9Æblerov: Citra Dry Hopped Cider1929Verdant: Some Fifty39Collective Arts: Ransack The Universe
10Mikkeller/Meierer: Wine Geek Riesling2030Verdant: What's Done is Done40Mikkeller: Organic Shandy

Stefansgade no. 35 Kld.
2200 Copenhagen N.
+45 3583 1020

Mon—Wed: 14.00—24.00
Thu—Fri: 14.00—02.00
Sat: 12.00—02.00
Sun: 14.00—24:00

40 beers on tap and 200 bottles from our own breweries Mikkeller, Mikkeller NYC, Mikkeller SD, Warpigs, Baghaven and from our Friends; the finest craft breweries from around the world. With the adjoining Lambic bar Koelschip, the selection is unrivalled in the city.

Mikkeller & Friends is our flagship bar with the biggest draft selection out of any of our bars around the world. This is the bar where we showcase our own MIKKELLER core range beers, our new releases, but we will also dig deep into our cellar and bring out the limited, the rare, the awesome beers we’ve made over the years.

At Mikkeller, we absolutely adore our FRIENDS. That is why we try to pull strings as often as we can, to get our hands on the most sought after and very very best beers in the whole wide world.

Mikkeller & Friends first opened its doors in March 2013 – in all its turquoise glory. The colour has been a symbol of Mikkeller ever since. However, in March 2019, we decided it was time for a facelift, and re-opened March 15th 2019 looking fresh and new!

The 40 taps are ever changing, and even though we are primarily a beer bar, we also offer our own Riesling white wine from Meierer, Cherry Wine from Frederiksdal, cider and spirits from both Mikkeller Spirits and other selected producers. Naturally we also have some craft sodas and a selection of bar snacks from Warpigs Brewpub, Nordhavn Charcuterie and Arla Unika.