Mikkeller & Friends

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller: santa's little helper
2Mikkeller: ginger Brett ipa
3Mikkeller: hoppy lovin' Christmas
4Mikkeller: Winbic
5Mikkeller: Red and white Christmas
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro spontanale
7mikkeller: Nørrebrown ale
8Mikkeller: Nørrebro wit
9Mikkeller: Nørrebro ipa
10Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils
11Mikkeller: beer geek Riesling
12Bissell Brothers: Big Small World
13Bissell Brothers: Industry vs Inferiority
14Monkish: vocabulary spills
15Bissell Brothers: Reciprocal
16Bissell Brothers: Swish
17Bissell Brothers: Lux
18Bissell Brothers: The Substance
19Tired Hands: Agiable
20Mikkeller/monkish: if urgent, please keep emailing me
21Abnormal: hugs & kisses
22Mikkeller: andet sååårt
23mikkeller: beer geek flat white 2017
24Oscar blues: ten fidy
25To øl: block rock'n beets
26Warpigs: kenn lee's demise
27to øl: Black ball
28to øl: black malts & body salts
29abnormal: maple mornings
30letra: letra on oak
31Hill Farmstead: Arthur
32Hill Farmstead: Florence
33Warpigs: Lazurite
34Hill Farmstead: Anna
35Mikkeller: hôtel Henri
36Mikkeller: hallo ich bin organic Berliner Weisse passion fruit
37mikkeller: k:rlek 11
38Mikkeller: Spontanrosehip
39Æblerov: Benene på nakken
40Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils
1Mikkeller: santa's little helper21Abnormal: hugs & kisses
2Mikkeller: ginger Brett ipa22Mikkeller: andet sååårt
3Mikkeller: hoppy lovin' Christmas23mikkeller: beer geek flat white 2017
4Mikkeller: Winbic24Oscar blues: ten fidy
5Mikkeller: Red and white Christmas25To øl: block rock'n beets
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro spontanale26Warpigs: kenn lee's demise
7mikkeller: Nørrebrown ale27to øl: Black ball
8Mikkeller: Nørrebro wit28to øl: black malts & body salts
9Mikkeller: Nørrebro ipa29abnormal: maple mornings
10Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils30letra: letra on oak
11Mikkeller: beer geek Riesling31Hill Farmstead: Arthur
12Bissell Brothers: Big Small World32Hill Farmstead: Florence
13Bissell Brothers: Industry vs Inferiority33Warpigs: Lazurite
14Monkish: vocabulary spills34Hill Farmstead: Anna
15Bissell Brothers: Reciprocal35Mikkeller: hôtel Henri
16Bissell Brothers: Swish36Mikkeller: hallo ich bin organic Berliner Weisse passion fruit
17Bissell Brothers: Lux37mikkeller: k:rlek 11
18Bissell Brothers: The Substance38Mikkeller: Spontanrosehip
19Tired Hands: Agiable39Æblerov: Benene på nakken
20Mikkeller/monkish: if urgent, please keep emailing me40Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils
1Mikkeller: santa's little helper15Bissell Brothers: Reciprocal29abnormal: maple mornings
2Mikkeller: ginger Brett ipa16Bissell Brothers: Swish30letra: letra on oak
3Mikkeller: hoppy lovin' Christmas17Bissell Brothers: Lux31Hill Farmstead: Arthur
4Mikkeller: Winbic18Bissell Brothers: The Substance32Hill Farmstead: Florence
5Mikkeller: Red and white Christmas19Tired Hands: Agiable33Warpigs: Lazurite
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro spontanale20Mikkeller/monkish: if urgent, please keep emailing me34Hill Farmstead: Anna
7mikkeller: Nørrebrown ale21Abnormal: hugs & kisses35Mikkeller: hôtel Henri
8Mikkeller: Nørrebro wit22Mikkeller: andet sååårt36Mikkeller: hallo ich bin organic Berliner Weisse passion fruit
9Mikkeller: Nørrebro ipa23mikkeller: beer geek flat white 201737mikkeller: k:rlek 11
10Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils24Oscar blues: ten fidy38Mikkeller: Spontanrosehip
11Mikkeller: beer geek Riesling25To øl: block rock'n beets39Æblerov: Benene på nakken
12Bissell Brothers: Big Small World26Warpigs: kenn lee's demise40Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils
13Bissell Brothers: Industry vs Inferiority27to øl: Black ball 
14Monkish: vocabulary spills28to øl: black malts & body salts 
1Mikkeller: santa's little helper11Mikkeller: beer geek Riesling21Abnormal: hugs & kisses31Hill Farmstead: Arthur
2Mikkeller: ginger Brett ipa12Bissell Brothers: Big Small World22Mikkeller: andet sååårt32Hill Farmstead: Florence
3Mikkeller: hoppy lovin' Christmas13Bissell Brothers: Industry vs Inferiority23mikkeller: beer geek flat white 201733Warpigs: Lazurite
4Mikkeller: Winbic14Monkish: vocabulary spills24Oscar blues: ten fidy34Hill Farmstead: Anna
5Mikkeller: Red and white Christmas15Bissell Brothers: Reciprocal25To øl: block rock'n beets35Mikkeller: hôtel Henri
6Mikkeller: Nørrebro spontanale16Bissell Brothers: Swish26Warpigs: kenn lee's demise36Mikkeller: hallo ich bin organic Berliner Weisse passion fruit
7mikkeller: Nørrebrown ale17Bissell Brothers: Lux27to øl: Black ball37mikkeller: k:rlek 11
8Mikkeller: Nørrebro wit18Bissell Brothers: The Substance28to øl: black malts & body salts38Mikkeller: Spontanrosehip
9Mikkeller: Nørrebro ipa19Tired Hands: Agiable29abnormal: maple mornings39Æblerov: Benene på nakken
10Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils20Mikkeller/monkish: if urgent, please keep emailing me30letra: letra on oak40Mikkeller: Nørrebro pils
Mikkeller Bar, Nørrebro

Stefansgade no. 35 Kld.
2200 Copenhagen N.
+45 3583 1020

Mon—Wed: 14.00—24.00
Thu—Fri: 14.00—02.00
Sat: 12.00—02.00
Sun: 14.00—24:00

40 tap beers and 200 bottles from Mikkeller, To Øl, and the finest craft breweries from around the world. With the adjoining lambic bar Koelschip, the selection is unrivaled in the city.

Once upon a time Mikkel Borg Bjergsø worked as a math and physics teacher at a Copenhagen high school. After school he taught two enthusiastic students to brew beer in the school kitchen. The brewing quickly became more than just a hobby for the two students, who started their own brewery, To Øl, in 2010. In March 2013, the two former students and their teacher joined forces and opened up the second Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen: Mikkeller & Friends. The bar was born out of the first bar’s popularity.

Mikkeller & Friends is three times the size of the bar at Viktoriagade, and has no less than 40 rotating taps. The bar also offers cider, Mikkeller Spirits, soft drinks and a selection of bar snacks from our friends at Warpigs Brewpub and Arla Unika.

Since February 2016, the specialized Belgian lambic bar Koelschip has been a part of Mikkeller & Friends. With an unrivaled selection of sour and other Belgian beer, the all-round beer experience at Stefansgade is one of the best in the city.

Mikkeller and To Øl handpicked a duo of interior decorators to build the perfect but untraditional surroundings for the beer. “We’ve created a modern bierstube from raw materials with a masculine expression and different kinds of standing and sitting areas that makes it possible for the guests to create their own intimate space without being isolated from the rest of the bar,” says Karsten K., who along with carpenter and designer Kristian Lillelund, Rum4, build an inventive universe with shiny, turquoise floors, light, custom-made wooden benches, tables and lamps and lots of adventurous details.


Mikkeller NørrebroMikkeller Nørrebro