Mikkeller & Friends

Reykjavík, Iceland

What's on:

1Mikkeller: hverfisgata pils
2mikkeller: hverfisgata brown
3Mikkeller: Spontanpassionberliner
4Warpigs: slush metal
5To Øl: black ball
6Stone: Arrogant double bastard
7Brewdog: punk Ipa
8Founders: all day ipa
9Brus: Yuzu, Citra G&T
10Mikkeller: Hverfisgata wit
11Other Half: 3rd anniversary
12Other Half: All citra everything ddh
13Other Half: Emerald cities
14Other Half: nummy nug nug
15Other Half: green down to the socks
16Other Half: IPA
17Omnipollo: Hypnopompa
18To Øl: hundeluftebajer
19Brus: Jackie wants a black eye
20Mikkeller: I wish gluten free
1Mikkeller: hverfisgata pils11Other Half: 3rd anniversary
2mikkeller: hverfisgata brown12Other Half: All citra everything ddh
3Mikkeller: Spontanpassionberliner13Other Half: Emerald cities
4Warpigs: slush metal14Other Half: nummy nug nug
5To Øl: black ball15Other Half: green down to the socks
6Stone: Arrogant double bastard16Other Half: IPA
7Brewdog: punk Ipa17Omnipollo: Hypnopompa
8Founders: all day ipa18To Øl: hundeluftebajer
9Brus: Yuzu, Citra G&T19Brus: Jackie wants a black eye
10Mikkeller: Hverfisgata wit20Mikkeller: I wish gluten free
1Mikkeller: hverfisgata pils8Founders: all day ipa15Other Half: green down to the socks
2mikkeller: hverfisgata brown9Brus: Yuzu, Citra G&T16Other Half: IPA
3Mikkeller: Spontanpassionberliner10Mikkeller: Hverfisgata wit17Omnipollo: Hypnopompa
4Warpigs: slush metal11Other Half: 3rd anniversary18To Øl: hundeluftebajer
5To Øl: black ball12Other Half: All citra everything ddh19Brus: Jackie wants a black eye
6Stone: Arrogant double bastard13Other Half: Emerald cities20Mikkeller: I wish gluten free
7Brewdog: punk Ipa14Other Half: nummy nug nug 
1Mikkeller: hverfisgata pils6Stone: Arrogant double bastard11Other Half: 3rd anniversary16Other Half: IPA
2mikkeller: hverfisgata brown7Brewdog: punk Ipa12Other Half: All citra everything ddh17Omnipollo: Hypnopompa
3Mikkeller: Spontanpassionberliner8Founders: all day ipa13Other Half: Emerald cities18To Øl: hundeluftebajer
4Warpigs: slush metal9Brus: Yuzu, Citra G&T14Other Half: nummy nug nug19Brus: Jackie wants a black eye
5To Øl: black ball10Mikkeller: Hverfisgata wit15Other Half: green down to the socks20Mikkeller: I wish gluten free

Hverfisgata 12
Reykjavík, Iceland
+354 4370203

Mon—Thu: 17.00—01.00
Fri—Sat: 14.00—01.00
Sun: 17.00—01.00

Mikkeller & Friends Reykjavík is placed at Hverfisgata 12 in one of the oldest houses of the 101 area of Reykjavík which is the most vibrant and oldest part of this most Nordic capital city in the world. This four floor building was designed and built by a doctor called Guðmundur Hannesson in the summer of 1910. The house used to be his family’s residence but has also housed Reykjavík’s first X-Ray clinic and the Icelandic Women Shelter.
The interior design of Mikkeller & Friends Reykjavík is a creation of renowned set designer Hálfdán Pedersen. He has made a name for himself with his work in films such as Virgin Mountain, The Good Heart and Paris of the North and the interior design of Kex Hostel, Hverfisgata 12, Snaps and various Icelandic bars and restaurants. The design also infuses the drawings and paintings of Mikkeller‘s Keith Shore and To Øl‘s Kasper Ledet. Together they have made a colorful and animated ambiance mixed with rich circus- and theatric elements. Hverfisgata once had a reputation of being one of the most dappled streets in the central Reykjavík area but it’s been up and coming for the last five or six years.

A stylish pizza place and cocktail bar with no name can also be found in the house.
DILL Restaurant in the house. DILL Restaurant was established by Gunnar Karl Gíslason in the year 2009. Gunnar Karl is an extraordinary and a unique chef and he’s the head and the heart behind the menus of all our restaurants. In September 2014 Gunnar Karl published his first cookbook with his longtime friend and writer Jody Eddy. The book in entitled North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland and it was published by Ten Speed Press inn California.
Mikkeller & Friends Reykjavík offer twenty different beers on tap from Mikkeller, To Øl and other likeminded breweries plus a wide selection of organic wines and spirits.

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