Mikkeller DTLA

Los Angeles, USA

What's on:

1Mikkeller SD - Windy Hill
2Mikkeller SD - Staff Magician
3Mikkeller SD - Bridges From Afar
4Mikkeller SD - Freddy Murkury
5Mikkeller SD - The Breakfast Klob
6Mikkeller SD - Yeeehhh
7Mikkeller SD - Awful Gato
8Mikkeller SD - Beer Geek Breakfast
9Mikkeller SD - Raspberry Blush
10Mikkeller SD - Fruit Face
11Mikkeller SD - Building Blocks
12Mikkeller - Sort Gul
13Mikkeller - Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter?
14Mikkeller - Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm
15Mikkeller - Mexas Ranger
16Mikkeller - Hallo Ich Bin Pineapple
17Mikkeller - Kihoskh
18Mikkeller - US Alive!
19Mikkeller - Hop On Drink'in Berliner
20Mikkeller - Real Estate
21Mikkeller - Big Worse
22Mikkeller - Ramen Beer
23Mikkeller - Draft Bear
24Mikkeller - Astley's Northern Hop
25Oxbow - Grizacca
26Oxbow - Loretta
27Hill Farmstead - Florence
28Evil Twin - Brandy BA Aun Mas A Jesus
29Prairie - Consider Yourself Hugged
30Prairie - Bomb!
31Prairie - Birthday Bomb!
32Fremont - Field To Ferment
33Heater Allen - Schwarz
34De Garde - Citra Hose
35Sante Adairius - Yeoman's Pride
36Sour Cellars - Darkle
37Highland Park - Good Green
38Highland Park - Relaxing Weekend
39Mumford - DTLA IPA
40Bottle Logic - Smoldering Celestial
41Bottle Logic - Fundamental Observation
42Bottle Logic - Anatolia Skull
43Pivovar Kout - Koutska 10
44Mahrs - Der Weisse Bock
45De La Senne - Taras Boulba
46De La Senne - The T Word
47Hanssens - Experimental Raspberry
48De Dolle - Boskeun
49Yorkshire Square - Gundo Phoenix (Cask)
50Peckham's - Boysenberry Cider
51Hobo White Blend
52California Chardonnay
53Napa Merlot 2013
54Central Coast Pinot Noir
55Edna Valley Rose
56Frederiksdal Cherrywine
57Dupont Pome 2015 Apple Wine
58Mezcal Paloma (on tap)
59Margarita (on tap)
60Old Fashioned (on tap)
61Negroni (on tap)
1Mikkeller SD - Windy Hill32Fremont - Field To Ferment
2Mikkeller SD - Staff Magician33Heater Allen - Schwarz
3Mikkeller SD - Bridges From Afar34De Garde - Citra Hose
4Mikkeller SD - Freddy Murkury35Sante Adairius - Yeoman's Pride
5Mikkeller SD - The Breakfast Klob36Sour Cellars - Darkle
6Mikkeller SD - Yeeehhh37Highland Park - Good Green
7Mikkeller SD - Awful Gato38Highland Park - Relaxing Weekend
8Mikkeller SD - Beer Geek Breakfast39Mumford - DTLA IPA
9Mikkeller SD - Raspberry Blush40Bottle Logic - Smoldering Celestial
10Mikkeller SD - Fruit Face41Bottle Logic - Fundamental Observation
11Mikkeller SD - Building Blocks42Bottle Logic - Anatolia Skull
12Mikkeller - Sort Gul43Pivovar Kout - Koutska 10
13Mikkeller - Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter?44Mahrs - Der Weisse Bock
14Mikkeller - Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm45De La Senne - Taras Boulba
15Mikkeller - Mexas Ranger46De La Senne - The T Word
16Mikkeller - Hallo Ich Bin Pineapple47Hanssens - Experimental Raspberry
17Mikkeller - Kihoskh48De Dolle - Boskeun
18Mikkeller - US Alive!49Yorkshire Square - Gundo Phoenix (Cask)
19Mikkeller - Hop On Drink'in Berliner50Peckham's - Boysenberry Cider
20Mikkeller - Real Estate51Hobo White Blend
21Mikkeller - Big Worse52California Chardonnay
22Mikkeller - Ramen Beer53Napa Merlot 2013
23Mikkeller - Draft Bear54Central Coast Pinot Noir
24Mikkeller - Astley's Northern Hop55Edna Valley Rose
25Oxbow - Grizacca56Frederiksdal Cherrywine
26Oxbow - Loretta57Dupont Pome 2015 Apple Wine
27Hill Farmstead - Florence58Mezcal Paloma (on tap)
28Evil Twin - Brandy BA Aun Mas A Jesus59Margarita (on tap)
29Prairie - Consider Yourself Hugged60Old Fashioned (on tap)
30Prairie - Bomb!61Negroni (on tap)
31Prairie - Birthday Bomb! 
1Mikkeller SD - Windy Hill22Mikkeller - Ramen Beer43Pivovar Kout - Koutska 10
2Mikkeller SD - Staff Magician23Mikkeller - Draft Bear44Mahrs - Der Weisse Bock
3Mikkeller SD - Bridges From Afar24Mikkeller - Astley's Northern Hop45De La Senne - Taras Boulba
4Mikkeller SD - Freddy Murkury25Oxbow - Grizacca46De La Senne - The T Word
5Mikkeller SD - The Breakfast Klob26Oxbow - Loretta47Hanssens - Experimental Raspberry
6Mikkeller SD - Yeeehhh27Hill Farmstead - Florence48De Dolle - Boskeun
7Mikkeller SD - Awful Gato28Evil Twin - Brandy BA Aun Mas A Jesus49Yorkshire Square - Gundo Phoenix (Cask)
8Mikkeller SD - Beer Geek Breakfast29Prairie - Consider Yourself Hugged50Peckham's - Boysenberry Cider
9Mikkeller SD - Raspberry Blush30Prairie - Bomb!51Hobo White Blend
10Mikkeller SD - Fruit Face31Prairie - Birthday Bomb!52California Chardonnay
11Mikkeller SD - Building Blocks32Fremont - Field To Ferment53Napa Merlot 2013
12Mikkeller - Sort Gul33Heater Allen - Schwarz54Central Coast Pinot Noir
13Mikkeller - Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter?34De Garde - Citra Hose55Edna Valley Rose
14Mikkeller - Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm35Sante Adairius - Yeoman's Pride56Frederiksdal Cherrywine
15Mikkeller - Mexas Ranger36Sour Cellars - Darkle57Dupont Pome 2015 Apple Wine
16Mikkeller - Hallo Ich Bin Pineapple37Highland Park - Good Green58Mezcal Paloma (on tap)
17Mikkeller - Kihoskh38Highland Park - Relaxing Weekend59Margarita (on tap)
18Mikkeller - US Alive!39Mumford - DTLA IPA60Old Fashioned (on tap)
19Mikkeller - Hop On Drink'in Berliner40Bottle Logic - Smoldering Celestial61Negroni (on tap)
20Mikkeller - Real Estate41Bottle Logic - Fundamental Observation 
21Mikkeller - Big Worse42Bottle Logic - Anatolia Skull 
1Mikkeller SD - Windy Hill17Mikkeller - Kihoskh33Heater Allen - Schwarz49Yorkshire Square - Gundo Phoenix (Cask)
2Mikkeller SD - Staff Magician18Mikkeller - US Alive!34De Garde - Citra Hose50Peckham's - Boysenberry Cider
3Mikkeller SD - Bridges From Afar19Mikkeller - Hop On Drink'in Berliner35Sante Adairius - Yeoman's Pride51Hobo White Blend
4Mikkeller SD - Freddy Murkury20Mikkeller - Real Estate36Sour Cellars - Darkle52California Chardonnay
5Mikkeller SD - The Breakfast Klob21Mikkeller - Big Worse37Highland Park - Good Green53Napa Merlot 2013
6Mikkeller SD - Yeeehhh22Mikkeller - Ramen Beer38Highland Park - Relaxing Weekend54Central Coast Pinot Noir
7Mikkeller SD - Awful Gato23Mikkeller - Draft Bear39Mumford - DTLA IPA55Edna Valley Rose
8Mikkeller SD - Beer Geek Breakfast24Mikkeller - Astley's Northern Hop40Bottle Logic - Smoldering Celestial56Frederiksdal Cherrywine
9Mikkeller SD - Raspberry Blush25Oxbow - Grizacca41Bottle Logic - Fundamental Observation57Dupont Pome 2015 Apple Wine
10Mikkeller SD - Fruit Face26Oxbow - Loretta42Bottle Logic - Anatolia Skull58Mezcal Paloma (on tap)
11Mikkeller SD - Building Blocks27Hill Farmstead - Florence43Pivovar Kout - Koutska 1059Margarita (on tap)
12Mikkeller - Sort Gul28Evil Twin - Brandy BA Aun Mas A Jesus44Mahrs - Der Weisse Bock60Old Fashioned (on tap)
13Mikkeller - Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter?29Prairie - Consider Yourself Hugged45De La Senne - Taras Boulba61Negroni (on tap)
14Mikkeller - Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm30Prairie - Bomb!46De La Senne - The T Word 
15Mikkeller - Mexas Ranger31Prairie - Birthday Bomb!47Hanssens - Experimental Raspberry 
16Mikkeller - Hallo Ich Bin Pineapple32Fremont - Field To Ferment48De Dolle - Boskeun 

330 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
+1 213-596-9005

Sun—Thu: 16:00—00:00
Fri—Sat: 16:00—02:00

Located in the former Discount Tire Center on Olympic, Mikkeller DTLA features more than 50 taps from best breweries around the globe. The entire building has been pulled back to its bare bones, showing off the tall open ceilings above. The main dining and drinking area can fit 150 comfortably, and there’s a separate casual takeaway coffee and pastry option at the end of the building as well.

Expect a full lineup of beer, craft cocktails, and food from chef Enrique Cuevas (Spring), with drinks pushing from dozens of taplines that flow through the place. Coffee, kombucha, cold brew, and pastry will still operate in the mornings as well, with evening hours going until late.