Mikkeller Bar

Bucharest, Romania

What's on:

5mikkeller: green gold
6Mikkeller: tattoo inked #1
7Mikkeller: German pils
8Mikkeller: astley's northern hop lager
9Warpigs: moonbase of filth
10mikkeller: berliner weisse passionfruit oregon fruit
11Mikkeller: no cow on the ice
12mikkeller: Berliner Weisse raspberry oregon fruit
13mikkeller: riesling people
14to ol: first frontier
15Thb: troijka
16mikkeller: black bear
17BOON: lambic 2y old
18MIKKELLEr: 12" wineale remastered
19MIKKELLER: Spontantripleblueberry
20MIKKELLER: beer geek flat white
1MIKKELLER: NORD PILSNER11Mikkeller: no cow on the ice
2MIKKELLER: NORD WIT12mikkeller: Berliner Weisse raspberry oregon fruit
3MIKKELLER: NORD BROWN13mikkeller: riesling people
4MIKKELLER: NORD SPONTAN14to ol: first frontier
5mikkeller: green gold15Thb: troijka
6Mikkeller: tattoo inked #116mikkeller: black bear
7Mikkeller: German pils17BOON: lambic 2y old
8Mikkeller: astley's northern hop lager18MIKKELLEr: 12" wineale remastered
9Warpigs: moonbase of filth19MIKKELLER: Spontantripleblueberry
10mikkeller: berliner weisse passionfruit oregon fruit20MIKKELLER: beer geek flat white
1MIKKELLER: NORD PILSNER8Mikkeller: astley's northern hop lager15Thb: troijka
2MIKKELLER: NORD WIT9Warpigs: moonbase of filth16mikkeller: black bear
3MIKKELLER: NORD BROWN10mikkeller: berliner weisse passionfruit oregon fruit17BOON: lambic 2y old
4MIKKELLER: NORD SPONTAN11Mikkeller: no cow on the ice18MIKKELLEr: 12" wineale remastered
5mikkeller: green gold12mikkeller: Berliner Weisse raspberry oregon fruit19MIKKELLER: Spontantripleblueberry
6Mikkeller: tattoo inked #113mikkeller: riesling people20MIKKELLER: beer geek flat white
7Mikkeller: German pils14to ol: first frontier 
1MIKKELLER: NORD PILSNER6Mikkeller: tattoo inked #111Mikkeller: no cow on the ice16mikkeller: black bear
2MIKKELLER: NORD WIT7Mikkeller: German pils12mikkeller: Berliner Weisse raspberry oregon fruit17BOON: lambic 2y old
3MIKKELLER: NORD BROWN8Mikkeller: astley's northern hop lager13mikkeller: riesling people18MIKKELLEr: 12" wineale remastered
4MIKKELLER: NORD SPONTAN9Warpigs: moonbase of filth14to ol: first frontier19MIKKELLER: Spontantripleblueberry
5mikkeller: green gold10mikkeller: berliner weisse passionfruit oregon fruit15Thb: troijka20MIKKELLER: beer geek flat white

Charles de Gaulle 3
011857, Bucharest

Contact info:
Phone: +40 757 57 49 77
Mail: henry@mikkeller.ro

Sun—Mon: 17.00—23.00
Tue—Thu: 17.00—00.00
Fri—Sat: 17.00—01.00

Mikkeller is in THE house!

Built a century ago by an influential family of the era, the current Mikkeller establishment witnessed quite a few scenes, such as King Carol the Second of Romania winning and losing at high-stakes poker game parties frequently held on the premises.

Today, the house welcomes other famous guests: and with 20 taps flowing with great beer from both Mikkeller and other International friends  we can truly say the good times are back in da house!