Mikkeller Bar

Bucharest, Romania

What's on:

1Mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry
2warpigs: sky burial
3alefarm: cohesive shift
4mikkeller: chipotle porter
5alefarm: nopera
6mikkeller: riesling people
7mikkeller: hazy and sally
8alefarm: autonomy
9mikkeller: green gold
10mikkeller: nord ipa
11mikkeller: einar you are a funny man
12Alefarm: solemn cycle
13alefarm: creamsicle friends
14mikkeller: draft bear
15mikkeller: mosel bajer
16hop hooligans: crowd control
17antidot brewing: hi hops
18bereta: juicebag
19ground zero: morning glory
20ground zero: split the pot
1Mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry11mikkeller: einar you are a funny man
2warpigs: sky burial12Alefarm: solemn cycle
3alefarm: cohesive shift13alefarm: creamsicle friends
4mikkeller: chipotle porter14mikkeller: draft bear
5alefarm: nopera15mikkeller: mosel bajer
6mikkeller: riesling people16hop hooligans: crowd control
7mikkeller: hazy and sally17antidot brewing: hi hops
8alefarm: autonomy18bereta: juicebag
9mikkeller: green gold19ground zero: morning glory
10mikkeller: nord ipa20ground zero: split the pot
1Mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry8alefarm: autonomy15mikkeller: mosel bajer
2warpigs: sky burial9mikkeller: green gold16hop hooligans: crowd control
3alefarm: cohesive shift10mikkeller: nord ipa17antidot brewing: hi hops
4mikkeller: chipotle porter11mikkeller: einar you are a funny man18bereta: juicebag
5alefarm: nopera12Alefarm: solemn cycle19ground zero: morning glory
6mikkeller: riesling people13alefarm: creamsicle friends20ground zero: split the pot
7mikkeller: hazy and sally14mikkeller: draft bear 
1Mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry6mikkeller: riesling people11mikkeller: einar you are a funny man16hop hooligans: crowd control
2warpigs: sky burial7mikkeller: hazy and sally12Alefarm: solemn cycle17antidot brewing: hi hops
3alefarm: cohesive shift8alefarm: autonomy13alefarm: creamsicle friends18bereta: juicebag
4mikkeller: chipotle porter9mikkeller: green gold14mikkeller: draft bear19ground zero: morning glory
5alefarm: nopera10mikkeller: nord ipa15mikkeller: mosel bajer20ground zero: split the pot

Charles de Gaulle 3
011857, Bucharest

Contact info:
Phone: +40 757 57 49 77
Mail: henry@mikkeller.ro

Sun—Mon: 17.00—23.00
Tue—Thu: 17.00—00.00
Fri—Sat: 17.00—01.00

Mikkeller is in THE house!

Built a century ago by an influential family of the era, the current Mikkeller establishment witnessed quite a few scenes, such as King Carol the Second of Romania winning and losing at high-stakes poker game parties frequently held on the premises.

Today, the house welcomes other famous guests: and with 20 taps flowing with great beer from both Mikkeller and other International friends  we can truly say the good times are back in da house!