Mikkeller Brewing

San Diego, USA

What's on:

1$10 Growler Fills of Sparks APA!
2Dabbler in Murk
3Rauch Geek Breakfast
4Windy Hill
5Raspberry Blush
6Beer Geek Breakfast
7Waves IPA
8Første Fødseldag
9Foggy Figures
10Belgian Wild
11Mikkeller x AleSmith Collab Porter
12Drink De Mayo
13SD Saison
14Spells IIPA
15Sparks APA
17Blueberry Shuffle- Superstition Meadery Collab
18Cartons of Haze
19Nitro: Astrodome Stashbox
20Cask: Imperial Maple Stout
21Cask: Devils Triangle
1$10 Growler Fills of Sparks APA!12Drink De Mayo
2Dabbler in Murk13SD Saison
3Rauch Geek Breakfast14Spells IIPA
4Windy Hill15Sparks APA
5Raspberry Blush16
6Beer Geek Breakfast17Blueberry Shuffle- Superstition Meadery Collab
7Waves IPA18Cartons of Haze
8Første Fødseldag19Nitro: Astrodome Stashbox
9Foggy Figures20Cask: Imperial Maple Stout
10Belgian Wild21Cask: Devils Triangle
11Mikkeller x AleSmith Collab Porter 
1$10 Growler Fills of Sparks APA!8Første Fødseldag15Sparks APA
2Dabbler in Murk9Foggy Figures16
3Rauch Geek Breakfast10Belgian Wild17Blueberry Shuffle- Superstition Meadery Collab
4Windy Hill11Mikkeller x AleSmith Collab Porter18Cartons of Haze
5Raspberry Blush12Drink De Mayo19Nitro: Astrodome Stashbox
6Beer Geek Breakfast13SD Saison20Cask: Imperial Maple Stout
7Waves IPA14Spells IIPA21Cask: Devils Triangle
1$10 Growler Fills of Sparks APA!7Waves IPA13SD Saison19Nitro: Astrodome Stashbox
2Dabbler in Murk8Første Fødseldag14Spells IIPA20Cask: Imperial Maple Stout
3Rauch Geek Breakfast9Foggy Figures15Sparks APA21Cask: Devils Triangle
4Windy Hill10Belgian Wild16 
5Raspberry Blush11Mikkeller x AleSmith Collab Porter17Blueberry Shuffle- Superstition Meadery Collab 
6Beer Geek Breakfast12Drink De Mayo18Cartons of Haze 

9368 Cabot Dr
San Diego CA
92126 USA
001 (858) 381-3500

Sun—Wed: 12.00—21.00
Thu—Sat: 12.00—22.00

“People have always asked me when I’m going to open my own brewery, and my answer has always been ‘never.’ It’s the easiest answer, but it’s been on my mind for several years,” says Bjergsø. “I like being a ‘gypsy brewer,’ but know that having a stake in a U.S. brewery will change our position here. Brewing in one of the best breweries in the world really makes sense. If they can brew beers like they do at AleSmith, it really can’t go wrong.”

Bjergsø’s vision will guide brewing operations at Mikkeller San Diego, which is equipped with the same 30-barrel brewing system AleSmith used to produce 15,000 barrels of beer annually before moving into a much larger, 105,500-square-foot facility two blocks west earlier this year. To ensure the fastest, most efficient transition, Zien will initially oversee multiple components of the brewing process and provide ongoing assistance on an as-needed basis. Additionally, several members of AleSmith’s original brewing team, the bulk of whose careers with the company have been spent operating the original brewery, will become employees of Mikkeller San Diego and usher the facility through its exciting second life.

“I am very excited to announce this partnership to the brewing world,” says Zien who will maintain a minority stake in the business. “Mikkel and I expect to create unique and flavorful beers of the highest quality, as we are both known for brewing with AleSmith and Mikkeller.”

Eager to embark on this shared next chapter in their brewing careers, Bjergsø and Zien worked with the eventual Mikkeller San Diego staff to craft two beers based off brand new recipes conceived by the former. Those beers, AleSmith-Mikkeller IPA (India Pale Ale) and AleSmith-Mikkeller APA (American Pale Ale) are currently on tap at Mikkeller Bar in San Francisco, Calif.; AleSmith’s recently debuted 25,000-square-foot Miramar tasting room; and numerous craft beer-centric venues throughout San Diego County. Thus far, they have been met positively by beer enthusiasts. Next up on the brew schedule is an imperial take on an English-style porter, which will be released via a similar distribution method. Eventually, numerous Mikkeller San Diego beers will be bottled, canned, and distributed more widely nationally and internationally.

In addition to beers brewed solely by Mikkeller San Diego personnel, Bjergsø intends to make a center of craft collaboration of his new digs by inviting respected brewers from all over the world to conceive and brew recipes that push the envelopes of what ales and lagers can be. In doing so, he will build off relationships forged during his decade spent trotting the globe in an ongoing mission to bring his beery ideas to life with the help of gifted brewers the world over. He will also reach out to new and upcoming brewers making waves within the industry, providing the basis for many happy returns among brewery visitors.

The tap room offers an array of beers that simultaneously display traditionally stylistic roots while coming across as exploratory, adventurous and, in some cases, downright twisted. It is the only place in the world to taste the entire array of Mikkeller San Diego beers in a single sitting.