Mikkeller Brewing NYC

New York, USA

What's on:

1Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool
2Mikkeller SD: Awful Gato
3Mikkeller NYC: Pucker Puncher
4St. Bernardus: ABT 12
5Mikkeller NYC: Gooey Centers
7Mikkeller NYC: Late Night Menu
8Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre
9Mikkeller NYC: It's My Vacation Too
10Mikkeller: Winbic
11Mikkeller NYC: The Chai Life
12Urban Chestnut: Schnicklefritz
132SP: Black Mountain
14Mikkeller NYC: Can I Get A Wit Wit
15Mikkeller NYC: I've Only Got Pies For You
16Mikkeller NYC: Oh, Hello
17Maine Beer Co.: Mean Old Tom NITRO
18Mikkeller NYC: Western Double Feature
19Mikkeller NYC: United We Cheers
22Mikkeller NYC: Queens County Pils
23Mikkeller NYC: Lemongrass Is Always Greener
24Mikkeller NYC: Post No Pils
25Mikkeller NYC x Sweet Afton: Time Afton Time
27Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops
28Exhibit 'A': Leitmotif: Pineapple Mango
29Mikkeller NYC: Keytar Reprise
32Mikkeller NYC: Sour Pitch Suds
33Mikkeller NYC: One Rad Apple
34Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic
35LIC Beer Project: Party Crasher
36Mikkeller NYC: Ergonomic Loveseat
38Mikkeller SD: Splendid Excursion
40Mikkeller SD: Pardon Art Jargon
42Mikkeller NYC: Wishful Drinking
43Hill Farmstead: Susan
44Grimm: Matchbox Lambo
45Mikkeller SD: Rustik
46Mikkeller NYC: Lead A Horse To Beer
47Gun Hill: PB & Void
48Mikkeller NYC: Is This Thing On?
49Jack's Abby: Private Rye
50Firestone Walker: El Gourdo
51Kills Boro: Window Creeper
52Mikkeller NYC: Sudz Budz
53Mikkeller NYC: Down With Upstate
54Mikkeller NYC: Don't Fear The Disco
55Mikkeller NYC: Hazy Day Bruges
56Mikkeller NYC: Outta The Bike Lane
57Tired Hands: Pineapple Milkshake
58Graft Cloud City: Amber City
60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee
1Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool31COMING SOON
2Mikkeller SD: Awful Gato32Mikkeller NYC: Sour Pitch Suds
3Mikkeller NYC: Pucker Puncher33Mikkeller NYC: One Rad Apple
4St. Bernardus: ABT 1234Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic
5Mikkeller NYC: Gooey Centers35LIC Beer Project: Party Crasher
6COMING SOON36Mikkeller NYC: Ergonomic Loveseat
7Mikkeller NYC: Late Night Menu37COMING SOON
8Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre38Mikkeller SD: Splendid Excursion
9Mikkeller NYC: It's My Vacation Too39COMING SOON
10Mikkeller: Winbic40Mikkeller SD: Pardon Art Jargon
11Mikkeller NYC: The Chai Life41COMING SOON
12Urban Chestnut: Schnicklefritz42Mikkeller NYC: Wishful Drinking
132SP: Black Mountain43Hill Farmstead: Susan
14Mikkeller NYC: Can I Get A Wit Wit44Grimm: Matchbox Lambo
15Mikkeller NYC: I've Only Got Pies For You45Mikkeller SD: Rustik
16Mikkeller NYC: Oh, Hello46Mikkeller NYC: Lead A Horse To Beer
17Maine Beer Co.: Mean Old Tom NITRO47Gun Hill: PB & Void
18Mikkeller NYC: Western Double Feature48Mikkeller NYC: Is This Thing On?
19Mikkeller NYC: United We Cheers49Jack's Abby: Private Rye
20COMING SOON50Firestone Walker: El Gourdo
21COMING SOON51Kills Boro: Window Creeper
22Mikkeller NYC: Queens County Pils52Mikkeller NYC: Sudz Budz
23Mikkeller NYC: Lemongrass Is Always Greener53Mikkeller NYC: Down With Upstate
24Mikkeller NYC: Post No Pils54Mikkeller NYC: Don't Fear The Disco
25Mikkeller NYC x Sweet Afton: Time Afton Time55Mikkeller NYC: Hazy Day Bruges
26COMING SOON56Mikkeller NYC: Outta The Bike Lane
27Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops57Tired Hands: Pineapple Milkshake
28Exhibit 'A': Leitmotif: Pineapple Mango58Graft Cloud City: Amber City
29Mikkeller NYC: Keytar Reprise59COMING SOON
30COMING SOON60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee
1Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool21COMING SOON41COMING SOON
2Mikkeller SD: Awful Gato22Mikkeller NYC: Queens County Pils42Mikkeller NYC: Wishful Drinking
3Mikkeller NYC: Pucker Puncher23Mikkeller NYC: Lemongrass Is Always Greener43Hill Farmstead: Susan
4St. Bernardus: ABT 1224Mikkeller NYC: Post No Pils44Grimm: Matchbox Lambo
5Mikkeller NYC: Gooey Centers25Mikkeller NYC x Sweet Afton: Time Afton Time45Mikkeller SD: Rustik
6COMING SOON26COMING SOON46Mikkeller NYC: Lead A Horse To Beer
7Mikkeller NYC: Late Night Menu27Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops47Gun Hill: PB & Void
8Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre28Exhibit 'A': Leitmotif: Pineapple Mango48Mikkeller NYC: Is This Thing On?
9Mikkeller NYC: It's My Vacation Too29Mikkeller NYC: Keytar Reprise49Jack's Abby: Private Rye
10Mikkeller: Winbic30COMING SOON50Firestone Walker: El Gourdo
11Mikkeller NYC: The Chai Life31COMING SOON51Kills Boro: Window Creeper
12Urban Chestnut: Schnicklefritz32Mikkeller NYC: Sour Pitch Suds52Mikkeller NYC: Sudz Budz
132SP: Black Mountain33Mikkeller NYC: One Rad Apple53Mikkeller NYC: Down With Upstate
14Mikkeller NYC: Can I Get A Wit Wit34Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic54Mikkeller NYC: Don't Fear The Disco
15Mikkeller NYC: I've Only Got Pies For You35LIC Beer Project: Party Crasher55Mikkeller NYC: Hazy Day Bruges
16Mikkeller NYC: Oh, Hello36Mikkeller NYC: Ergonomic Loveseat56Mikkeller NYC: Outta The Bike Lane
17Maine Beer Co.: Mean Old Tom NITRO37COMING SOON57Tired Hands: Pineapple Milkshake
18Mikkeller NYC: Western Double Feature38Mikkeller SD: Splendid Excursion58Graft Cloud City: Amber City
19Mikkeller NYC: United We Cheers39COMING SOON59COMING SOON
20COMING SOON40Mikkeller SD: Pardon Art Jargon60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee
1Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool16Mikkeller NYC: Oh, Hello31COMING SOON46Mikkeller NYC: Lead A Horse To Beer
2Mikkeller SD: Awful Gato17Maine Beer Co.: Mean Old Tom NITRO32Mikkeller NYC: Sour Pitch Suds47Gun Hill: PB & Void
3Mikkeller NYC: Pucker Puncher18Mikkeller NYC: Western Double Feature33Mikkeller NYC: One Rad Apple48Mikkeller NYC: Is This Thing On?
4St. Bernardus: ABT 1219Mikkeller NYC: United We Cheers34Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic49Jack's Abby: Private Rye
5Mikkeller NYC: Gooey Centers20COMING SOON35LIC Beer Project: Party Crasher50Firestone Walker: El Gourdo
6COMING SOON21COMING SOON36Mikkeller NYC: Ergonomic Loveseat51Kills Boro: Window Creeper
7Mikkeller NYC: Late Night Menu22Mikkeller NYC: Queens County Pils37COMING SOON52Mikkeller NYC: Sudz Budz
8Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre23Mikkeller NYC: Lemongrass Is Always Greener38Mikkeller SD: Splendid Excursion53Mikkeller NYC: Down With Upstate
9Mikkeller NYC: It's My Vacation Too24Mikkeller NYC: Post No Pils39COMING SOON54Mikkeller NYC: Don't Fear The Disco
10Mikkeller: Winbic25Mikkeller NYC x Sweet Afton: Time Afton Time40Mikkeller SD: Pardon Art Jargon55Mikkeller NYC: Hazy Day Bruges
11Mikkeller NYC: The Chai Life26COMING SOON41COMING SOON56Mikkeller NYC: Outta The Bike Lane
12Urban Chestnut: Schnicklefritz27Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops42Mikkeller NYC: Wishful Drinking57Tired Hands: Pineapple Milkshake
132SP: Black Mountain28Exhibit 'A': Leitmotif: Pineapple Mango43Hill Farmstead: Susan58Graft Cloud City: Amber City
14Mikkeller NYC: Can I Get A Wit Wit29Mikkeller NYC: Keytar Reprise44Grimm: Matchbox Lambo59COMING SOON
15Mikkeller NYC: I've Only Got Pies For You30COMING SOON45Mikkeller SD: Rustik60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee

Citi Field
between the Bullpen
& Right Field Gates
on 126th Street, at 38th Avenue
123-01 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, Queens, NY, 11368

WED—THU: 16:00—22:00
FRI—SAT: 12.00—24:00
SUN: 12.00—22:00

MKNYC is a 10,000-square-foot brewery, bar and dining space at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens. This is the first U.S. Mikkeller location outside of California and the 32nd worldwide. 

At the heart of the brewery are 60 rotating taps pouring Mikkeller NYC, Mikkeller SD, Mikkeller Denmark and select friends’ brews that can be enjoyed at the bar or in the 120-seat communal dining area, where eats courtesy of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, Great Northern Food Hall’s Claus Meyer, Whitman’s and Queens’ own Unidentified Flying Chickens are served along with Henry Hops IPA, Say Hey Sally pilsner (two of Mikkeller’s “ballpark beers”), other new recipes brewed on site and a variety of guest beers. 

Cans, bottles and merchandise, all designed by Mikkeller art director Keith Shore, are also available to take home from an onsite shop along with varieties from MKNYC’s friends at other select breweries. Shore’s bold, colorful artwork, sought after by Mikkeller fans and design aficionados alike, also takes the form of a tremendous window mural depicting baserunner Henry Hops sliding towards home, with catcher Say Hey Sally defending the plate. 

Visible from the dining space is a vast beer production area open to public tours, where a 20-barrel brewhouse, several vertically stacked 20-barrel fermenters and a canning line allow Mikkeller to provide fresh and varied brews on a weekly basis. 

MKNYC is Mikkeller’s first location connected to a professional sports venue anywhere and is open to the public year round; a space that is equal parts game day hub, beer-obsessive destination and neighborhood watering hole. 

Photography by Alex Staniloff