Mikkeller Brewing NYC

New York, USA

What's on:

1Mikkeller NYC: Echt Keem
2Suarez Famliy: Bones Shirt
3Mikkeller NYC: Festbier
4Mikkeller: Big Worster
5Thin Man: Take Precaution
6Mikkeller: Black
7Mikkeller: Milk Stout
8Suarez Family: Fundamental
9Mikkeller SD: Tripper Bocker
10Mikkeller SD: Øl Nagelfar
11Mikkeller: Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter
12Mikkeller: Monk's Brew
13Mikkeller NYC: Sally Silk
14Mikkeller SD: Yeeehhh
15Mikkeller NYC: Angels In The Stoutfield
16Mikkeller NYC: Sally Blush
17Suarez Family: Small Talk
18Mikkeller: 12'' Winale
19Mikkeller NYC: Willets WIt
20Mikkeller NYC: Hip Dunkel
21Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic
22Mikkeller NYC: Mikkellerita
24Mikkeller NYC: Say Hey Sally
25Mikkeller NYC: Whats Love Hop To Do With It
26Suarez Family Saunter
27Mikkeller NYC: Whirlpool Wizard
28Threes: Tyranny Of Mirrors
29Mikkeller NYC: Highland Haze
30Mikkeller NYC: There's Something Oat There
31Mikkeller NYC: Parlor OG Estate
33Thiriez: Spuyten Duyvil
34Tilquin: Gueuze à l’ancienne
35Mikkeller NYC: Sanity Check
36Tired Hands: SaisonHands
37Mikkeller SD: Building Blocks
38Mikkeller: No Thanks Given
39Boon: Unblended Lambic
40Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre
41Shacksbury: Rose'
42Mikkeller SD x Root + Branch: Revival Tactics
43Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Watermelon
44AleSmith: My Bloody Valentine
46Mikkeller NYC: Berry Maniflow
47Cloudwater: Helles Tettnanger
48Suarez Family: Palatine Pils
49Mikkeller SD: Borderline Ethereal
50Three Floyds: Gumballhead
51Hill Farmstead: Mary
52Mikkeller SD: Bridges From Afar
53Mikkeller NYC: Schussboom
54Mikkeller x Domino Records: Real Estate
55Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool
56Mikkeller NYC: Red Room Ale
57Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops
58Mikkeller NYC: Hallertau Galaxica
59Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee
1Mikkeller NYC: Echt Keem31Mikkeller NYC: Parlor OG Estate
2Suarez Famliy: Bones Shirt32COMING SOON
3Mikkeller NYC: Festbier33Thiriez: Spuyten Duyvil
4Mikkeller: Big Worster34Tilquin: Gueuze à l’ancienne
5Thin Man: Take Precaution35Mikkeller NYC: Sanity Check
6Mikkeller: Black36Tired Hands: SaisonHands
7Mikkeller: Milk Stout37Mikkeller SD: Building Blocks
8Suarez Family: Fundamental38Mikkeller: No Thanks Given
9Mikkeller SD: Tripper Bocker39Boon: Unblended Lambic
10Mikkeller SD: Øl Nagelfar40Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre
11Mikkeller: Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter41Shacksbury: Rose'
12Mikkeller: Monk's Brew42Mikkeller SD x Root + Branch: Revival Tactics
13Mikkeller NYC: Sally Silk43Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Watermelon
14Mikkeller SD: Yeeehhh44AleSmith: My Bloody Valentine
15Mikkeller NYC: Angels In The Stoutfield45COMING SOON
16Mikkeller NYC: Sally Blush46Mikkeller NYC: Berry Maniflow
17Suarez Family: Small Talk47Cloudwater: Helles Tettnanger
18Mikkeller: 12'' Winale48Suarez Family: Palatine Pils
19Mikkeller NYC: Willets WIt49Mikkeller SD: Borderline Ethereal
20Mikkeller NYC: Hip Dunkel50Three Floyds: Gumballhead
21Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic51Hill Farmstead: Mary
22Mikkeller NYC: Mikkellerita52Mikkeller SD: Bridges From Afar
23COMING SOON53Mikkeller NYC: Schussboom
24Mikkeller NYC: Say Hey Sally54Mikkeller x Domino Records: Real Estate
25Mikkeller NYC: Whats Love Hop To Do With It55Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool
26Suarez Family Saunter56Mikkeller NYC: Red Room Ale
27Mikkeller NYC: Whirlpool Wizard57Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops
28Threes: Tyranny Of Mirrors58Mikkeller NYC: Hallertau Galaxica
29Mikkeller NYC: Highland Haze59Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
30Mikkeller NYC: There's Something Oat There60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee
1Mikkeller NYC: Echt Keem21Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic41Shacksbury: Rose'
2Suarez Famliy: Bones Shirt22Mikkeller NYC: Mikkellerita42Mikkeller SD x Root + Branch: Revival Tactics
3Mikkeller NYC: Festbier23COMING SOON43Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Watermelon
4Mikkeller: Big Worster24Mikkeller NYC: Say Hey Sally44AleSmith: My Bloody Valentine
5Thin Man: Take Precaution25Mikkeller NYC: Whats Love Hop To Do With It45COMING SOON
6Mikkeller: Black26Suarez Family Saunter46Mikkeller NYC: Berry Maniflow
7Mikkeller: Milk Stout27Mikkeller NYC: Whirlpool Wizard47Cloudwater: Helles Tettnanger
8Suarez Family: Fundamental28Threes: Tyranny Of Mirrors48Suarez Family: Palatine Pils
9Mikkeller SD: Tripper Bocker29Mikkeller NYC: Highland Haze49Mikkeller SD: Borderline Ethereal
10Mikkeller SD: Øl Nagelfar30Mikkeller NYC: There's Something Oat There50Three Floyds: Gumballhead
11Mikkeller: Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter31Mikkeller NYC: Parlor OG Estate51Hill Farmstead: Mary
12Mikkeller: Monk's Brew32COMING SOON52Mikkeller SD: Bridges From Afar
13Mikkeller NYC: Sally Silk33Thiriez: Spuyten Duyvil53Mikkeller NYC: Schussboom
14Mikkeller SD: Yeeehhh34Tilquin: Gueuze à l’ancienne54Mikkeller x Domino Records: Real Estate
15Mikkeller NYC: Angels In The Stoutfield35Mikkeller NYC: Sanity Check55Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool
16Mikkeller NYC: Sally Blush36Tired Hands: SaisonHands56Mikkeller NYC: Red Room Ale
17Suarez Family: Small Talk37Mikkeller SD: Building Blocks57Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops
18Mikkeller: 12'' Winale38Mikkeller: No Thanks Given58Mikkeller NYC: Hallertau Galaxica
19Mikkeller NYC: Willets WIt39Boon: Unblended Lambic59Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
20Mikkeller NYC: Hip Dunkel40Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee
1Mikkeller NYC: Echt Keem16Mikkeller NYC: Sally Blush31Mikkeller NYC: Parlor OG Estate46Mikkeller NYC: Berry Maniflow
2Suarez Famliy: Bones Shirt17Suarez Family: Small Talk32COMING SOON47Cloudwater: Helles Tettnanger
3Mikkeller NYC: Festbier18Mikkeller: 12'' Winale33Thiriez: Spuyten Duyvil48Suarez Family: Palatine Pils
4Mikkeller: Big Worster19Mikkeller NYC: Willets WIt34Tilquin: Gueuze à l’ancienne49Mikkeller SD: Borderline Ethereal
5Thin Man: Take Precaution20Mikkeller NYC: Hip Dunkel35Mikkeller NYC: Sanity Check50Three Floyds: Gumballhead
6Mikkeller: Black21Mikkeller NYC: Subway Mosaic36Tired Hands: SaisonHands51Hill Farmstead: Mary
7Mikkeller: Milk Stout22Mikkeller NYC: Mikkellerita37Mikkeller SD: Building Blocks52Mikkeller SD: Bridges From Afar
8Suarez Family: Fundamental23COMING SOON38Mikkeller: No Thanks Given53Mikkeller NYC: Schussboom
9Mikkeller SD: Tripper Bocker24Mikkeller NYC: Say Hey Sally39Boon: Unblended Lambic54Mikkeller x Domino Records: Real Estate
10Mikkeller SD: Øl Nagelfar25Mikkeller NYC: Whats Love Hop To Do With It40Mikkeller NYC: Oaxaca Libre55Mikkeller SD: Passion Pool
11Mikkeller: Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter26Suarez Family Saunter41Shacksbury: Rose'56Mikkeller NYC: Red Room Ale
12Mikkeller: Monk's Brew27Mikkeller NYC: Whirlpool Wizard42Mikkeller SD x Root + Branch: Revival Tactics57Mikkeller NYC: Henry Hops
13Mikkeller NYC: Sally Silk28Threes: Tyranny Of Mirrors43Mikkeller: Hallo Ich Bin Watermelon58Mikkeller NYC: Hallertau Galaxica
14Mikkeller SD: Yeeehhh29Mikkeller NYC: Highland Haze44AleSmith: My Bloody Valentine59Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
15Mikkeller NYC: Angels In The Stoutfield30Mikkeller NYC: There's Something Oat There45COMING SOON60Parlor: Cold Brew Coffee

Citi Field
between the Bullpen
& Right Field Gates
on 126th Street, at 38th Avenue
123-01 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, Queens, NY, 11368

WED—THU: 16:00—22:00
FRI—SAT: 12.00—24:00
SUN: 12.00—22:00

MKNYC is a 10,000-square-foot brewery, bar and dining space at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens. This is the first U.S. Mikkeller location outside of California and the 32nd worldwide. 

At the heart of the brewery are 60 rotating taps pouring Mikkeller NYC, Mikkeller SD, Mikkeller Denmark and select friends’ brews that can be enjoyed at the bar or in the 120-seat communal dining area, where eats courtesy of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, Great Northern Food Hall’s Claus Meyer, Whitman’s and Queens’ own Unidentified Flying Chickens are served along with Henry Hops IPA, Say Hey Sally pilsner (two of Mikkeller’s “ballpark beers”), other new recipes brewed on site and a variety of guest beers. 

Cans, bottles and merchandise, all designed by Mikkeller art director Keith Shore, are also available to take home from an onsite shop along with varieties from MKNYC’s friends at other select breweries. Shore’s bold, colorful artwork, sought after by Mikkeller fans and design aficionados alike, also takes the form of a tremendous window mural depicting baserunner Henry Hops sliding towards home, with catcher Say Hey Sally defending the plate. 

Visible from the dining space is a vast beer production area open to public tours, where a 20-barrel brewhouse, several vertically stacked 20-barrel fermenters and a canning line allow Mikkeller to provide fresh and varied brews on a weekly basis. 

MKNYC is Mikkeller’s first location connected to a professional sports venue anywhere and is open to the public year round; a space that is equal parts game day hub, beer-obsessive destination and neighborhood watering hole. 

Photography by Alex Staniloff