Mikkeller Bottle Shop

Aarhus, Denmark

Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus
Skt. Knuds Torv 7-9
8000 Aarhus C
+45 52401015

Wed: 12.00—19.00
Thu: 12.00—19.00
Fri: 12.00—20.00
Sat: 11.00—20.00
Sun: 11.00—19.00

Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus shop is located in the heart of the gastronomic and vibrant food paradise Aarhus Central Food Market. In the shop you’ll find a very big selection of Mikkeller beers as well as a rotating selection of sought after beers from our friends from all over the world. The selection will feature the newest releases, rare vintages and all the different styles of beer you can think of.
We’re also offering the full selection of Mikkeller Spirits and rare bottles of the best spirits crafted in Denmark and the rest of the world. The shop will be hosting tastings and events on a regular basis and we do love to pair our beer with our food friends who also resides in the market.