Mikkeller Bar

Berlin, Germany

What's on:

1MIKKELLER: American Dream
2MIKKELLER: Not just another wit
3MIKKELLER: bean geek session porter
4warpigs: elite human
5MIKKELLER: K:Rlek höst/vinter 2018
6mikkeller: drink’in yuzu berliner
7Mikkeller: ich bin Berliner weiße cassis
8Mikkeller/Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling
9Mikkeller: beer geek breakfast
10Mikkeller: running club
11mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry
12Mikkeller: spontanelderflower
13mikkeller: green gold
14Mikkeller: draft bear
15warpigs: wheezin’ the juice
16flügge: anni
17flügge: sieke & ole
18flügge: djup
19flügge: fränk
20flügge: flinn
21Flügge: Johannisbeer sauer
22Flügge: Käte
23Berliner Berg: Pale ale
24Weiherer: Keller Pils
1MIKKELLER: American Dream13mikkeller: green gold
2MIKKELLER: Not just another wit14Mikkeller: draft bear
3MIKKELLER: bean geek session porter15warpigs: wheezin’ the juice
4warpigs: elite human16flügge: anni
5MIKKELLER: K:Rlek höst/vinter 201817flügge: sieke & ole
6mikkeller: drink’in yuzu berliner18flügge: djup
7Mikkeller: ich bin Berliner weiße cassis19flügge: fränk
8Mikkeller/Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling20flügge: flinn
9Mikkeller: beer geek breakfast21Flügge: Johannisbeer sauer
10Mikkeller: running club22Flügge: Käte
11mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry23Berliner Berg: Pale ale
12Mikkeller: spontanelderflower24Weiherer: Keller Pils
1MIKKELLER: American Dream9Mikkeller: beer geek breakfast17flügge: sieke & ole
2MIKKELLER: Not just another wit10Mikkeller: running club18flügge: djup
3MIKKELLER: bean geek session porter11mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry19flügge: fränk
4warpigs: elite human12Mikkeller: spontanelderflower20flügge: flinn
5MIKKELLER: K:Rlek höst/vinter 201813mikkeller: green gold21Flügge: Johannisbeer sauer
6mikkeller: drink’in yuzu berliner14Mikkeller: draft bear22Flügge: Käte
7Mikkeller: ich bin Berliner weiße cassis15warpigs: wheezin’ the juice23Berliner Berg: Pale ale
8Mikkeller/Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling16flügge: anni24Weiherer: Keller Pils
1MIKKELLER: American Dream7Mikkeller: ich bin Berliner weiße cassis13mikkeller: green gold19flügge: fränk
2MIKKELLER: Not just another wit8Mikkeller/Meierer: Beer Geek Riesling14Mikkeller: draft bear20flügge: flinn
3MIKKELLER: bean geek session porter9Mikkeller: beer geek breakfast15warpigs: wheezin’ the juice21Flügge: Johannisbeer sauer
4warpigs: elite human10Mikkeller: running club16flügge: anni22Flügge: Käte
5MIKKELLER: K:Rlek höst/vinter 201811mikkeller: spontandoubleraspberry17flügge: sieke & ole23Berliner Berg: Pale ale
6mikkeller: drink’in yuzu berliner12Mikkeller: spontanelderflower18flügge: djup24Weiherer: Keller Pils

Torstraße 102
Berlin, Germany
+49 176 83141103

Sun—Thu: 15.00—00.00
Fri—Sat: 15.00—02.00


You will find Mikkeller Berlin at Torstraße 102 right in the heart of Mitte, a few minutes walk from Rosenthaler Platz.

The bar is equipped with 24 taps, both Mikkellers own stuff and a selection of guest beers from some of the finest breweries from around the world. In the bar you’ll also find our very own sought after spirits, and in addition carefully selected special bottles, always changing to keep things interesting.

If you get a little peckish we are serving artisanal cheese from our good friends at Alte Milch, along with delicious traditional German cured sausages from fleischermeister, Carsten Neumeier.

Throughout the day Five Elephant Batch will be served for those in need of a pick-me-up!

Looking forward to welcoming you all!