Mikkeller Bar

Taipei, Taiwan

What's on:

1MIKKELLER: Henry & Sally’s IPA
2MIKKELLER: hotel henri
4MIKKELLER:Double sour cherry organic Berliner
5MIKKELLER: Green gold IPA
6MIKKELLER: Raspberry organic Berliner
7MIKKELLER: Chipotle Porter
8MIKKELLER: Nasty brutish & malt
9TAIWAN HEAD BARWERS: Taiwan Jasmine ipa
10Mikkeller: Hazeside ipa
11Mikkeller: Strawberry hazy iipa
12Culmination:Phaedrus ipa
13mikkeller: Xmas wish gluten free
14Mikkeller: gose passion fruit
15Sierra Nevada: Resilience ipa
16MIKKELLER: 1000 ibu
17We by Weightstone: White Wine
18We by Weightstone: Red Wine
19Mikkeller: Bean Geeks Session Porter
20lagunitas: ipa
21Mikkeller: American Dream Hoppy Pilsner
22Mikkeller: Sally Monroe American style pale ale
23Mikkeller:no cow on the ice ipa
24Mikkeller: Peter,pale and Mary
1MIKKELLER: Henry & Sally’s IPA13mikkeller: Xmas wish gluten free
2MIKKELLER: hotel henri14Mikkeller: gose passion fruit
3MIKKELLER: RIESLING PEOPLE15Sierra Nevada: Resilience ipa
4MIKKELLER:Double sour cherry organic Berliner16MIKKELLER: 1000 ibu
5MIKKELLER: Green gold IPA17We by Weightstone: White Wine
6MIKKELLER: Raspberry organic Berliner18We by Weightstone: Red Wine
7MIKKELLER: Chipotle Porter19Mikkeller: Bean Geeks Session Porter
8MIKKELLER: Nasty brutish & malt20lagunitas: ipa
9TAIWAN HEAD BARWERS: Taiwan Jasmine ipa21Mikkeller: American Dream Hoppy Pilsner
10Mikkeller: Hazeside ipa22Mikkeller: Sally Monroe American style pale ale
11Mikkeller: Strawberry hazy iipa23Mikkeller:no cow on the ice ipa
12Culmination:Phaedrus ipa24Mikkeller: Peter,pale and Mary
1MIKKELLER: Henry & Sally’s IPA9TAIWAN HEAD BARWERS: Taiwan Jasmine ipa17We by Weightstone: White Wine
2MIKKELLER: hotel henri10Mikkeller: Hazeside ipa18We by Weightstone: Red Wine
3MIKKELLER: RIESLING PEOPLE11Mikkeller: Strawberry hazy iipa19Mikkeller: Bean Geeks Session Porter
4MIKKELLER:Double sour cherry organic Berliner12Culmination:Phaedrus ipa20lagunitas: ipa
5MIKKELLER: Green gold IPA13mikkeller: Xmas wish gluten free21Mikkeller: American Dream Hoppy Pilsner
6MIKKELLER: Raspberry organic Berliner14Mikkeller: gose passion fruit22Mikkeller: Sally Monroe American style pale ale
7MIKKELLER: Chipotle Porter15Sierra Nevada: Resilience ipa23Mikkeller:no cow on the ice ipa
8MIKKELLER: Nasty brutish & malt16MIKKELLER: 1000 ibu24Mikkeller: Peter,pale and Mary
1MIKKELLER: Henry & Sally’s IPA7MIKKELLER: Chipotle Porter13mikkeller: Xmas wish gluten free19Mikkeller: Bean Geeks Session Porter
2MIKKELLER: hotel henri8MIKKELLER: Nasty brutish & malt14Mikkeller: gose passion fruit20lagunitas: ipa
3MIKKELLER: RIESLING PEOPLE9TAIWAN HEAD BARWERS: Taiwan Jasmine ipa15Sierra Nevada: Resilience ipa21Mikkeller: American Dream Hoppy Pilsner
4MIKKELLER:Double sour cherry organic Berliner10Mikkeller: Hazeside ipa16MIKKELLER: 1000 ibu22Mikkeller: Sally Monroe American style pale ale
5MIKKELLER: Green gold IPA11Mikkeller: Strawberry hazy iipa17We by Weightstone: White Wine23Mikkeller:no cow on the ice ipa
6MIKKELLER: Raspberry organic Berliner12Culmination:Phaedrus ipa18We by Weightstone: Red Wine24Mikkeller: Peter,pale and Mary

No.241, Nanjing W. Rd.,
Datong Dist.
Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-2-2558-6978

Mon—Thu: 16.00—00.00
Fri—Sat: 16.00—01.00
Sun: 16.00—00.00

Mikkeller Taipei is in a historic building of the Dadaocheng neighborhood. Dadaocheng was an important trading port in the 19th century, and was where European settlers lived in the early 20th century.
Mikkeller Taipei is just 8 minutes walk from Taipei Metro Beimen Station (SongShan Line). The bar has 24 taps. Kegs shipped directly from Mikkeller in temperature-controlled containers to make sure the quality are as good as in Copenhagen. Besides Mikkeller beer on tap, you can expect Mikkeller wine, spirits, and selected brew from other world-class breweries; we also serve cold brew Taiwanese tea on tap. The interior design has been inspired by Scandinavian style, but still keep the unique beauty of the historical building.