Warsaw, Poland

What's on:

1Mikkeller The National German Pils
2Mikkeller 19 IPA
3Mikkeller Green Gold
4Mikkeller Hotel Henri
5Piwne Podziemie Lemoniada Gujawa/Mango
6Dugges Sun Mosaic
7PINTA Tere Fere
8Piwne Podziemie Citra, Simcoe, Centennial
9To Ol Goliat Sherry Oak Chips Edition
10Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary
11Mikkeller Creamsicle Friends
12Dugges/Deer Bear Plum Spices
13Omnipollo Brush 2017
14WarPigs Frank the Tank
15To Ol Jule Maelk Cognac Edition
16Stone/Metallica Enter Night
17Maltgarden Straight to the Beach
18Mikkeller Bean Geek Hazy
19Mermaid Laevitas
20Browar Zakładowy Dom Wczasowy
1Mikkeller The National German Pils11Mikkeller Creamsicle Friends
2Mikkeller 19 IPA12Dugges/Deer Bear Plum Spices
3Mikkeller Green Gold13Omnipollo Brush 2017
4Mikkeller Hotel Henri14WarPigs Frank the Tank
5Piwne Podziemie Lemoniada Gujawa/Mango15To Ol Jule Maelk Cognac Edition
6Dugges Sun Mosaic16Stone/Metallica Enter Night
7PINTA Tere Fere17Maltgarden Straight to the Beach
8Piwne Podziemie Citra, Simcoe, Centennial18Mikkeller Bean Geek Hazy
9To Ol Goliat Sherry Oak Chips Edition19Mermaid Laevitas
10Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary20Browar Zakładowy Dom Wczasowy
1Mikkeller The National German Pils8Piwne Podziemie Citra, Simcoe, Centennial15To Ol Jule Maelk Cognac Edition
2Mikkeller 19 IPA9To Ol Goliat Sherry Oak Chips Edition16Stone/Metallica Enter Night
3Mikkeller Green Gold10Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary17Maltgarden Straight to the Beach
4Mikkeller Hotel Henri11Mikkeller Creamsicle Friends18Mikkeller Bean Geek Hazy
5Piwne Podziemie Lemoniada Gujawa/Mango12Dugges/Deer Bear Plum Spices19Mermaid Laevitas
6Dugges Sun Mosaic13Omnipollo Brush 201720Browar Zakładowy Dom Wczasowy
7PINTA Tere Fere14WarPigs Frank the Tank 
1Mikkeller The National German Pils6Dugges Sun Mosaic11Mikkeller Creamsicle Friends16Stone/Metallica Enter Night
2Mikkeller 19 IPA7PINTA Tere Fere12Dugges/Deer Bear Plum Spices17Maltgarden Straight to the Beach
3Mikkeller Green Gold8Piwne Podziemie Citra, Simcoe, Centennial13Omnipollo Brush 201718Mikkeller Bean Geek Hazy
4Mikkeller Hotel Henri9To Ol Goliat Sherry Oak Chips Edition14WarPigs Frank the Tank19Mermaid Laevitas
5Piwne Podziemie Lemoniada Gujawa/Mango10Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary15To Ol Jule Maelk Cognac Edition20Browar Zakładowy Dom Wczasowy

Chmielna 7/9

+48 22 243 70 05

SUN—THU: 12.00—01:00
FRI—SAT: 12.00—02:00

Straight in the centre on Warsaw, in the neighborhood known as a great food and drink place, lies a destination of beer geeks from all around Poland and Europe. The connection between Scandinavian hygge and best Polish traditions – Mikkeller Bar Warsaw.

The bar features 20 taps with variety of best beers from Mikkeller, Polish breweries and our friends from all around the world, crazy selection of bottles and delicious food based on high quality meat, homemade bread and sauces, inspired by Texas style BBQ and street food from all around the world.