Mikkeller Bar & Bottle Shop

Odense, Denmark

What's on:

1Ebeltoft: Dunkelweizen
2Mikkeller: The National German Pils
3Mikkeller: SpontanTripleBlueberry
4Mikkeller: Bean Geek Session Porter
5Mikkeller: hallo Ich bin Berliner w/ Sweet Cherry & Coffee
6Mikkeller: Store Pils
7Mikkeller: Store Wit
8Mikkeller: Store Brown
9Mikkeller: Store Spontan
10Mikkeller: Organic Hazy IPA
11Casita Cerveveria: Southward
12Ebeltoft: Wildflower
13Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri
14Mikkeller: Beer Geek Cocoa Shake
15Boon: Foeder 78
1Ebeltoft: Dunkelweizen9Mikkeller: Store Spontan
2Mikkeller: The National German Pils10Mikkeller: Organic Hazy IPA
3Mikkeller: SpontanTripleBlueberry11Casita Cerveveria: Southward
4Mikkeller: Bean Geek Session Porter12Ebeltoft: Wildflower
5Mikkeller: hallo Ich bin Berliner w/ Sweet Cherry & Coffee13Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri
6Mikkeller: Store Pils14Mikkeller: Beer Geek Cocoa Shake
7Mikkeller: Store Wit15Boon: Foeder 78
8Mikkeller: Store Brown16#mikkellerodense
1Ebeltoft: Dunkelweizen7Mikkeller: Store Wit13Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri
2Mikkeller: The National German Pils8Mikkeller: Store Brown14Mikkeller: Beer Geek Cocoa Shake
3Mikkeller: SpontanTripleBlueberry9Mikkeller: Store Spontan15Boon: Foeder 78
4Mikkeller: Bean Geek Session Porter10Mikkeller: Organic Hazy IPA16#mikkellerodense
5Mikkeller: hallo Ich bin Berliner w/ Sweet Cherry & Coffee11Casita Cerveveria: Southward 
6Mikkeller: Store Pils12Ebeltoft: Wildflower 
1Ebeltoft: Dunkelweizen5Mikkeller: hallo Ich bin Berliner w/ Sweet Cherry & Coffee9Mikkeller: Store Spontan13Mikkeller: Hôtel Henri
2Mikkeller: The National German Pils6Mikkeller: Store Pils10Mikkeller: Organic Hazy IPA14Mikkeller: Beer Geek Cocoa Shake
3Mikkeller: SpontanTripleBlueberry7Mikkeller: Store Wit11Casita Cerveveria: Southward15Boon: Foeder 78
4Mikkeller: Bean Geek Session Porter8Mikkeller: Store Brown12Ebeltoft: Wildflower16#mikkellerodense

Gråbrødrestræde 7B
5000 Odense
Ph: +45 93208800

Mon—Wed: 12.00—23.00
Thu: 12.00—00:00
Fri: 12.00—02.00
Sat: 12.00—02.00
Sun: 12.00—22.00

Mikkeller Odense is perfectly located on the corner of Store Gråbrødrestræde in the very heart of Odense. Hidden in the cozy streets you’ll find our bar and shop among other cool destinations. In the bar you’ll find 15 taps of ever flowing draft beer. There will be a fixed selection of great house beers and taps with rotating beers, to keep it interesting and surprise you every time you walk in. You’ll find the best and newest beers brewed by Mikkeller, always fresh beer straight out of Warpigs Brewpub and brews from some of the very finest breweries from our friends around the world. A bottle list will be available with handpicked bottles, mainly focused on the genre of imperial stouts and sours as well as a good selection of high-end spirits. For your smaller hunger there will be smoked and meaty snacks from Warpigs Brewpub, our own Mikkeller crisps and cheese from Arla Unika.

From the bar you can walk right into the bottle shop, were you will find a great selection of Mikkeller beer accompanied by sought after beers from our friends around the world. Have a look in there for the newest releases as well as rare vintages and every style of beer you can imagine. BTW the shop will be loaded with cans from Mikkeller San Diego every 2nd week. And of course you can have a beer or two while you’re shopping!

Bottle Shop opening hours
Monday: 12 – 18
Tuesday: 12 – 18
Wednesday: 12 – 18
Thursday: 12 – 18
Friday: 12 – 19
Saturday: 12 – 19
Sunday: 12 – 18

Get in touch if you want to book a private tasting, event or likewise and we’ll sort it out and make sure you get the best beer experience you can imagine.