Mikkeller Bar London

London — Shoreditch

What's on:

1Mikkeller: No Cow On Ice
2Mikkeller: American Dream Extra Dry Hopped
3Mikkeller: Scour Scandinavia Berliner Weisse
4Mikkeller: Beer Geek Fudgesicle
5Mikkeller: Hallo, Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Rasberry
6Mikkeller: Rick's Organic German Pils
7Mikkeller: Rick's Wit
8Mikkeller: Rick's Berliner
9Mikkeller: Rick's Farmhouse Ale
10Mikkeller: Rick's Spontan
11Mikkeller: 0 IBU
12Mikkeller: Hop Burn High
13Mikkeller: Splat!
14Mikkeller: SpontanCarrot
15Mikkeller: 1000 IBU
16The Kernel: Bière de Saison (Finchcocks #7)
17Gipsy Hill x Cloudwater: Ballyhoo
18The Veil: White Russian Hornswaggler
19The Veil: Honey Whangdoodle
20The Veil: Sleeping Forever
1Mikkeller: No Cow On Ice11Mikkeller: 0 IBU
2Mikkeller: American Dream Extra Dry Hopped12Mikkeller: Hop Burn High
3Mikkeller: Scour Scandinavia Berliner Weisse13Mikkeller: Splat!
4Mikkeller: Beer Geek Fudgesicle14Mikkeller: SpontanCarrot
5Mikkeller: Hallo, Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Rasberry15Mikkeller: 1000 IBU
6Mikkeller: Rick's Organic German Pils16The Kernel: Bière de Saison (Finchcocks #7)
7Mikkeller: Rick's Wit17Gipsy Hill x Cloudwater: Ballyhoo
8Mikkeller: Rick's Berliner18The Veil: White Russian Hornswaggler
9Mikkeller: Rick's Farmhouse Ale19The Veil: Honey Whangdoodle
10Mikkeller: Rick's Spontan20The Veil: Sleeping Forever
1Mikkeller: No Cow On Ice8Mikkeller: Rick's Berliner15Mikkeller: 1000 IBU
2Mikkeller: American Dream Extra Dry Hopped9Mikkeller: Rick's Farmhouse Ale16The Kernel: Bière de Saison (Finchcocks #7)
3Mikkeller: Scour Scandinavia Berliner Weisse10Mikkeller: Rick's Spontan17Gipsy Hill x Cloudwater: Ballyhoo
4Mikkeller: Beer Geek Fudgesicle11Mikkeller: 0 IBU18The Veil: White Russian Hornswaggler
5Mikkeller: Hallo, Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Rasberry12Mikkeller: Hop Burn High19The Veil: Honey Whangdoodle
6Mikkeller: Rick's Organic German Pils13Mikkeller: Splat!20The Veil: Sleeping Forever
7Mikkeller: Rick's Wit14Mikkeller: SpontanCarrot 
1Mikkeller: No Cow On Ice6Mikkeller: Rick's Organic German Pils11Mikkeller: 0 IBU16The Kernel: Bière de Saison (Finchcocks #7)
2Mikkeller: American Dream Extra Dry Hopped7Mikkeller: Rick's Wit12Mikkeller: Hop Burn High17Gipsy Hill x Cloudwater: Ballyhoo
3Mikkeller: Scour Scandinavia Berliner Weisse8Mikkeller: Rick's Berliner13Mikkeller: Splat!18The Veil: White Russian Hornswaggler
4Mikkeller: Beer Geek Fudgesicle9Mikkeller: Rick's Farmhouse Ale14Mikkeller: SpontanCarrot19The Veil: Honey Whangdoodle
5Mikkeller: Hallo, Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Rasberry10Mikkeller: Rick's Spontan15Mikkeller: 1000 IBU20The Veil: Sleeping Forever

2-4 Hackney Road
London, United Kingdom

Mon—thu: 12.00—22.30
Fri—sat: 12.00—23.30
sun: 12.00—22.00

Story of Mikkeller Bar London

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and his childhood idol, Rick Astley met each other a few years ago when they collaborated to brew the beer ‘Astley’s Northern Hop Lager.’ Out of their friendship, the idea of opening a bar together in London grew.

In addition to the interest in beer, Astley and Bjergsø share the same vision of creating something new in London. The star, who has lived in London for over 30 years, is looking forward to opening the doors to a place that will stand out among the city’s many beer places.

“I met Mikkel back in 2015 – through his enthusiasm and passion for real quality, I have fallen back in love with beer. London is a great city but it needs a Mikkeller bar and it is really exciting to be part of creating Mikkeller’s first bar in the UK with Mikkel and his fantastic team. I know we are going to have a lot of fun and drink some great beer!” says Rick Astley.

All are welcome, but unfortunately we don’t take reservations – please come early to secure a seat. Cheeeers!