Mikkeller Bar

Barcelona, Spain

What's on:

1Mikkeller: Eixample Pils
2Mikkeller: Dim Sum
3Mikkeller: Eixample Brown
4Mikkeller: Spontaneixample
5Mikkeller: Porter
6Mikkeller: Majsgoop
7Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & Mary
8Mikkeller: I Wish GF
9Mikkeller: Green Gold
10Blacklab: El Cuñado
11Warpigs: Frankenstout
12Blacklab: Punto de Rocio
13Bidassoa: Dark Series Imperial Stout
14Edge/Lervig: Pure Decadence
15Ratpenat: Imperial Stout
16Nomada: Royal Porter
17La Pirata: Black Block
18Guineu: Mr. Petroli
19Mikkeller: Hoppy Lovin' X-mas
20Mikkeller: Deception IPA
21Mikkeller: Beer Geek Limfjordsporter
22Siren: Calypso
23Mikkeller: Spontansauternes
24Mikkeller: Black 2014
1Mikkeller: Eixample Pils13Bidassoa: Dark Series Imperial Stout
2Mikkeller: Dim Sum14Edge/Lervig: Pure Decadence
3Mikkeller: Eixample Brown15Ratpenat: Imperial Stout
4Mikkeller: Spontaneixample16Nomada: Royal Porter
5Mikkeller: Porter17La Pirata: Black Block
6Mikkeller: Majsgoop18Guineu: Mr. Petroli
7Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & Mary19Mikkeller: Hoppy Lovin' X-mas
8Mikkeller: I Wish GF20Mikkeller: Deception IPA
9Mikkeller: Green Gold21Mikkeller: Beer Geek Limfjordsporter
10Blacklab: El Cuñado22Siren: Calypso
11Warpigs: Frankenstout23Mikkeller: Spontansauternes
12Blacklab: Punto de Rocio24Mikkeller: Black 2014
1Mikkeller: Eixample Pils9Mikkeller: Green Gold17La Pirata: Black Block
2Mikkeller: Dim Sum10Blacklab: El Cuñado18Guineu: Mr. Petroli
3Mikkeller: Eixample Brown11Warpigs: Frankenstout19Mikkeller: Hoppy Lovin' X-mas
4Mikkeller: Spontaneixample12Blacklab: Punto de Rocio20Mikkeller: Deception IPA
5Mikkeller: Porter13Bidassoa: Dark Series Imperial Stout21Mikkeller: Beer Geek Limfjordsporter
6Mikkeller: Majsgoop14Edge/Lervig: Pure Decadence22Siren: Calypso
7Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & Mary15Ratpenat: Imperial Stout23Mikkeller: Spontansauternes
8Mikkeller: I Wish GF16Nomada: Royal Porter24Mikkeller: Black 2014
1Mikkeller: Eixample Pils7Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & Mary13Bidassoa: Dark Series Imperial Stout19Mikkeller: Hoppy Lovin' X-mas
2Mikkeller: Dim Sum8Mikkeller: I Wish GF14Edge/Lervig: Pure Decadence20Mikkeller: Deception IPA
3Mikkeller: Eixample Brown9Mikkeller: Green Gold15Ratpenat: Imperial Stout21Mikkeller: Beer Geek Limfjordsporter
4Mikkeller: Spontaneixample10Blacklab: El Cuñado16Nomada: Royal Porter22Siren: Calypso
5Mikkeller: Porter11Warpigs: Frankenstout17La Pirata: Black Block23Mikkeller: Spontansauternes
6Mikkeller: Majsgoop12Blacklab: Punto de Rocio18Guineu: Mr. Petroli24Mikkeller: Black 2014
Mikkeller Barcelona

C/ Valencia 202
08011 Barcelona
+34 933 232 743

Mon—Thu: 13.00—24.00
Fri: 13.00—02.00
Sat: 12.00—02.00
Sun: 12.00—24.00

Mikkeller Bar Barcelona is situated in the old part of the Eixample neighborhood – just a 5 minutes walk from Rambla Catalunya or the Old University in the city center.
The bar has 24 taps, always the freshest stuff, shipped directly from the brewery, which is unique for Spain. You will find the best mix of Mikkeller beer on tap, but of course also Warpigs stuff, Three Floyds, To Øl and we are working with the best local brewers too. The interior has found inspiration in a Nordic style, but kept “hyggelig” as you would know it from Viktoriagade in Copenhagen. We have a full kitchen sporting a menu, with strong inspiration from the rustic Catalan kitchen, at a quality equal to our beers.


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