Mikkeller Bar

Aarhus, Denmark

What's on:

1To øl: Chateau Øl
2Mikkeller sd: waves
3Mikkeller sd: sparks
4Mikkeller SD: Kaffe spøgelse
5Mikkeller: ramen
6Mikkeller: Big worster
7Mikkeller : crooked moon
8Mikkeller SD: Overtime
9Mikkeller sd: beer geek flat white
10mikkeller sd: California dream
11Mikkeller: Running Club
12Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & mary
13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown
14Mikkeller: JægerIPA
15Tired hands/Mikkeller: Creative director
16Örebro: Passion für berliner
17Evil Twin: Even More Jesus
18Tired Hands: Saisonhands
19Tired Hands: Shambolic
20Tired hands: enhanced sincerity
1To øl: Chateau Øl11Mikkeller: Running Club
2Mikkeller sd: waves12Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & mary
3Mikkeller sd: sparks13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown
4Mikkeller SD: Kaffe spøgelse14Mikkeller: JægerIPA
5Mikkeller: ramen15Tired hands/Mikkeller: Creative director
6Mikkeller: Big worster16Örebro: Passion für berliner
7Mikkeller : crooked moon17Evil Twin: Even More Jesus
8Mikkeller SD: Overtime18Tired Hands: Saisonhands
9Mikkeller sd: beer geek flat white19Tired Hands: Shambolic
10mikkeller sd: California dream20Tired hands: enhanced sincerity
1To øl: Chateau Øl8Mikkeller SD: Overtime15Tired hands/Mikkeller: Creative director
2Mikkeller sd: waves9Mikkeller sd: beer geek flat white16Örebro: Passion für berliner
3Mikkeller sd: sparks10mikkeller sd: California dream17Evil Twin: Even More Jesus
4Mikkeller SD: Kaffe spøgelse11Mikkeller: Running Club18Tired Hands: Saisonhands
5Mikkeller: ramen12Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & mary19Tired Hands: Shambolic
6Mikkeller: Big worster13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown20Tired hands: enhanced sincerity
7Mikkeller : crooked moon14Mikkeller: JægerIPA 
1To øl: Chateau Øl6Mikkeller: Big worster11Mikkeller: Running Club16Örebro: Passion für berliner
2Mikkeller sd: waves7Mikkeller : crooked moon12Mikkeller: Peter, Pale & mary17Evil Twin: Even More Jesus
3Mikkeller sd: sparks8Mikkeller SD: Overtime13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown18Tired Hands: Saisonhands
4Mikkeller SD: Kaffe spøgelse9Mikkeller sd: beer geek flat white14Mikkeller: JægerIPA19Tired Hands: Shambolic
5Mikkeller: ramen10mikkeller sd: California dream15Tired hands/Mikkeller: Creative director20Tired hands: enhanced sincerity

Jægergårdsgade 61, st.
8000 Aarhus C

+45 32 16 01 92

Sun—Wed: 14:00—24:00
Thu: 14.00—01.00
Fri: 14.00—02.00
Sat: 13.00—02.00

You’ll find Mikkeller Bar Aarhus in the very heart of the city of smiles. The bar offers 20 rotating taps with the best beers from Mikkeller as well as a long list of the best breweries from around the world. The taps are accompanied by an exclusive ever changing bottle list, high end spirits and sought after Danish cherry wine. Hungry guests can savor smoked and meaty snacks from Warpigs Brewpub and premium artisanal cheeses from our good friends Arla Unika. The bar is located in the vibrant and cozy Jægergårdsgade, just two minutes away from the main street and the central station.