Mikkeller Bar

Aarhus, Denmark

What's on:

1Bissell Brothers: Lux
2Omnipollo: aurora
3to øl: chamomild
4mikkeller: hazesan allihops
5cloudwater: NE dipa Denali Melba
6To øl: santa’s secret
7To øl: Santa gose fuck it all
8Mikkeller: Red/White Christmas
9Mikkeller: hoppy lovin’ christmas
10De Dolle: Stille nacht 2014
11Mikkeller: Jægerpils
12Mikkeller: Jægerwit
13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown
14Mikkeller: jægerspontan
15warpigs: see ya lederhosen
16To Øl: Snowball
17to øl: shameless santa
18Mikkeller: to from via
19örebro brygghus/all in brewing: Russian imperial stout
20Mikkeller sd: balls be malted
1Bissell Brothers: Lux11Mikkeller: Jægerpils
2Omnipollo: aurora12Mikkeller: Jægerwit
3to øl: chamomild13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown
4mikkeller: hazesan allihops14Mikkeller: jægerspontan
5cloudwater: NE dipa Denali Melba15warpigs: see ya lederhosen
6To øl: santa’s secret16To Øl: Snowball
7To øl: Santa gose fuck it all17to øl: shameless santa
8Mikkeller: Red/White Christmas18Mikkeller: to from via
9Mikkeller: hoppy lovin’ christmas19örebro brygghus/all in brewing: Russian imperial stout
10De Dolle: Stille nacht 201420Mikkeller sd: balls be malted
1Bissell Brothers: Lux8Mikkeller: Red/White Christmas15warpigs: see ya lederhosen
2Omnipollo: aurora9Mikkeller: hoppy lovin’ christmas16To Øl: Snowball
3to øl: chamomild10De Dolle: Stille nacht 201417to øl: shameless santa
4mikkeller: hazesan allihops11Mikkeller: Jægerpils18Mikkeller: to from via
5cloudwater: NE dipa Denali Melba12Mikkeller: Jægerwit19örebro brygghus/all in brewing: Russian imperial stout
6To øl: santa’s secret13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown20Mikkeller sd: balls be malted
7To øl: Santa gose fuck it all14Mikkeller: jægerspontan 
1Bissell Brothers: Lux6To øl: santa’s secret11Mikkeller: Jægerpils16To Øl: Snowball
2Omnipollo: aurora7To øl: Santa gose fuck it all12Mikkeller: Jægerwit17to øl: shameless santa
3to øl: chamomild8Mikkeller: Red/White Christmas13Mikkeller: Jægerbrown18Mikkeller: to from via
4mikkeller: hazesan allihops9Mikkeller: hoppy lovin’ christmas14Mikkeller: jægerspontan19örebro brygghus/all in brewing: Russian imperial stout
5cloudwater: NE dipa Denali Melba10De Dolle: Stille nacht 201415warpigs: see ya lederhosen20Mikkeller sd: balls be malted

Jægergårdsgade 61, st.
8000 Aarhus C

+45 32 16 01 92

Sun—Wed: 14:00—24:00
Thu: 14.00—01.00
Fri: 14.00—02.00
Sat: 13.00—02.00

You’ll find Mikkeller Bar Aarhus in the very heart of the city of smiles. The bar offers 20 rotating taps with the best beers from Mikkeller as well as a long list of the best breweries from around the world. The taps are accompanied by an exclusive ever changing bottle list, high end spirits and sought after Danish cherry wine. Hungry guests can savor smoked and meaty snacks from Warpigs Brewpub and premium artisanal cheeses from our good friends Arla Unika. The bar is located in the vibrant and cozy Jægergårdsgade, just two minutes away from the main street and the central station.

Also offering draft beer for private parties including tap system, or even our mobile Mikkeller bar with two beers on tap. Also possibility of arranging private tastings or other activities. Get in touch for details.