Mikkeller Bar

Bangkok, Thailand

What's on:

1Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hustle
2Mikkeller San Diego - Flow Season
3Mikkeller San Diego - Mr. Manager
4Mikkeller - Koppi IPA
5Mikkeller San Diego - Brunch Of Nuts
6Mikkeller - Hva Saa?! BA Grand Marnier
7Mikkeller - Milk Stout
8Omnipollo - Noa
9Mikkeller - Organic German Pilsner
10Mikkeller - American Dream
11Zeffer - Apple Crumble
12Mikkeller - Mandarin Oriental
13Mikkeller San Diego - Windy Hill
14Boon - Lambiek
15Mikkeller San Diego - Raspberry Blush
16Anderson Valley - Boont Oude Bruijn
17Boon - Framboise
18Mikkeller - Sort Gul
19To Øl - Garden of Eden
20Amager - The Mortician
21Young Master - Orange Is The New Black
22Boon - Oude Kriek
23Lervig - Tasty Juice
24Zeffer - Crisp Apple
25Mikkeller - Beer Geek Breakfast
26Mikkeller NYC - Beer Geek Parlor
27Mikkeller - Sukhum'Wit
2818th Street - Bitches Bank
29Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hops
30Mikkeller NYC - Chop Shop
1Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hustle16Anderson Valley - Boont Oude Bruijn
2Mikkeller San Diego - Flow Season17Boon - Framboise
3Mikkeller San Diego - Mr. Manager18Mikkeller - Sort Gul
4Mikkeller - Koppi IPA19To Øl - Garden of Eden
5Mikkeller San Diego - Brunch Of Nuts20Amager - The Mortician
6Mikkeller - Hva Saa?! BA Grand Marnier21Young Master - Orange Is The New Black
7Mikkeller - Milk Stout22Boon - Oude Kriek
8Omnipollo - Noa23Lervig - Tasty Juice
9Mikkeller - Organic German Pilsner24Zeffer - Crisp Apple
10Mikkeller - American Dream25Mikkeller - Beer Geek Breakfast
11Zeffer - Apple Crumble26Mikkeller NYC - Beer Geek Parlor
12Mikkeller - Mandarin Oriental27Mikkeller - Sukhum'Wit
13Mikkeller San Diego - Windy Hill2818th Street - Bitches Bank
14Boon - Lambiek29Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hops
15Mikkeller San Diego - Raspberry Blush30Mikkeller NYC - Chop Shop
1Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hustle11Zeffer - Apple Crumble21Young Master - Orange Is The New Black
2Mikkeller San Diego - Flow Season12Mikkeller - Mandarin Oriental22Boon - Oude Kriek
3Mikkeller San Diego - Mr. Manager13Mikkeller San Diego - Windy Hill23Lervig - Tasty Juice
4Mikkeller - Koppi IPA14Boon - Lambiek24Zeffer - Crisp Apple
5Mikkeller San Diego - Brunch Of Nuts15Mikkeller San Diego - Raspberry Blush25Mikkeller - Beer Geek Breakfast
6Mikkeller - Hva Saa?! BA Grand Marnier16Anderson Valley - Boont Oude Bruijn26Mikkeller NYC - Beer Geek Parlor
7Mikkeller - Milk Stout17Boon - Framboise27Mikkeller - Sukhum'Wit
8Omnipollo - Noa18Mikkeller - Sort Gul2818th Street - Bitches Bank
9Mikkeller - Organic German Pilsner19To Øl - Garden of Eden29Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hops
10Mikkeller - American Dream20Amager - The Mortician30Mikkeller NYC - Chop Shop
1Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hustle9Mikkeller - Organic German Pilsner17Boon - Framboise25Mikkeller - Beer Geek Breakfast
2Mikkeller San Diego - Flow Season10Mikkeller - American Dream18Mikkeller - Sort Gul26Mikkeller NYC - Beer Geek Parlor
3Mikkeller San Diego - Mr. Manager11Zeffer - Apple Crumble19To Øl - Garden of Eden27Mikkeller - Sukhum'Wit
4Mikkeller - Koppi IPA12Mikkeller - Mandarin Oriental20Amager - The Mortician2818th Street - Bitches Bank
5Mikkeller San Diego - Brunch Of Nuts13Mikkeller San Diego - Windy Hill21Young Master - Orange Is The New Black29Mikkeller NYC - Henry Hops
6Mikkeller - Hva Saa?! BA Grand Marnier14Boon - Lambiek22Boon - Oude Kriek30Mikkeller NYC - Chop Shop
7Mikkeller - Milk Stout15Mikkeller San Diego - Raspberry Blush23Lervig - Tasty Juice 
8Omnipollo - Noa16Anderson Valley - Boont Oude Bruijn24Zeffer - Crisp Apple 
Mikkeller Bangkok

26 Ekkamai soi 10 Yaek 2
Ekamai Road, Phra Khanong Nua
+66 (0) 2 381 9891

Mon—Sun: 07.00—00.00

Situated only a few minutes from the busy streets of Sukhumvit and Thong Lor, Mikkeller Bangkok is conveniently located in a quiet street on Ekamai Road (Sukhumvit Soi 63). Situated in an old Thai house from the 50’ies, we feature 30 taps of the finest beers from around the world, as well as a constantly growing bottle selection. We have a cold kitchen, and offer high quality bar snacks and small meals, along with a regular barbecue night.

It can all be enjoyed 7 days a week, in our bright open bar, outside in the tropical garden, or upstairs for a more romantic vibe.

Mikkeller BangkokMikkeller BangkokMikkeller Bangkok