Mikkeller Baghaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller: USAlive
2Mikkeller: Not just another Wit
3Warpigs: Biiru for Ramen
4Warpigs: Phantom Spill
5Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Citra
6Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Mosaik
7Mikkeller: Spontan Yuzu
8Arizona: Wilderness Battle Axe
9Mikkeller: Black
10Kinn: Rekved nr. 4
11Mikkeller: Beer Mile
12Mikkeller: Kaffestout
13Mikkeller: Amarillo IIPA
14Mikkeller: Deception IPA
15Mikkeller: Big Worster
16Mikkeller: Its Alive
1Mikkeller: USAlive9Mikkeller: Black
2Mikkeller: Not just another Wit10Kinn: Rekved nr. 4
3Warpigs: Biiru for Ramen11Mikkeller: Beer Mile
4Warpigs: Phantom Spill12Mikkeller: Kaffestout
5Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Citra13Mikkeller: Amarillo IIPA
6Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Mosaik14Mikkeller: Deception IPA
7Mikkeller: Spontan Yuzu15Mikkeller: Big Worster
8Arizona: Wilderness Battle Axe16Mikkeller: Its Alive
1Mikkeller: USAlive7Mikkeller: Spontan Yuzu13Mikkeller: Amarillo IIPA
2Mikkeller: Not just another Wit8Arizona: Wilderness Battle Axe14Mikkeller: Deception IPA
3Warpigs: Biiru for Ramen9Mikkeller: Black15Mikkeller: Big Worster
4Warpigs: Phantom Spill10Kinn: Rekved nr. 416Mikkeller: Its Alive
5Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Citra11Mikkeller: Beer Mile 
6Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Mosaik12Mikkeller: Kaffestout 
1Mikkeller: USAlive5Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Citra9Mikkeller: Black13Mikkeller: Amarillo IIPA
2Mikkeller: Not just another Wit6Mikkeller: Spontandryhop Mosaik10Kinn: Rekved nr. 414Mikkeller: Deception IPA
3Warpigs: Biiru for Ramen7Mikkeller: Spontan Yuzu11Mikkeller: Beer Mile15Mikkeller: Big Worster
4Warpigs: Phantom Spill8Arizona: Wilderness Battle Axe12Mikkeller: Kaffestout16Mikkeller: Its Alive

Refshalevej 169B
1432 København

Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 14.00—20.00
Thu: 14.00—20.00
Fri: 13.00—22.00
Sat: 13.00—22.00
Sun: 13.00—20.00

Mikkeller baghaven

Welcome to our very own playground!

 Mikkeller Baghaven serves as a venue for any kind of event your heart may desire or as a hang out where you can just chill and enjoy a cold pint by the sea. With a 16-tap bar and a mission to push the limits, we welcome you to come join the fun!

Mikkeller Baghaven is also home for our barrel-aging project. Come check out our collection of massive foeders and barrels working their magic on various new beers, take a sneak-peak at our production and if you’re lucky you might even bump into one of the brewers – Maybe even get a taster? Who knows, anything can happen. Mikkeller Baghaven is currently available for booking of all types of parties, tastings and other events.

Contact baghaven@mikkeller.dk for information on dates, details, rates, and if you have any questions at all. For wedding inquiries, please write wedding@mikkeller.dk