Mikkeller Baghaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Baghaven: Stevnsbær
2Baghaven: I would not feel so all alone
3Baghaven: Norlunds Field Blend
4Baghaven: Biere Du Cabaret
5Baghaven: Bier Des Champs
6Fantome: Saison
7Brasserie Dupont: Saison Dupont
8Toolbox: Eau D´Vine Rouge
9Brasserie De La Senne: Taras Boubla
10People Like Us: Covfefe
11Mikkeller: Riesling People
12Verhaeghe: Pilsner
13Hill Farmstead: Arthur
14Hill Farmstead: Florence
15Æblerov: Frankofil
16Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
1Baghaven: Stevnsbær9Brasserie De La Senne: Taras Boubla
2Baghaven: I would not feel so all alone10People Like Us: Covfefe
3Baghaven: Norlunds Field Blend 11Mikkeller: Riesling People
4Baghaven: Biere Du Cabaret12Verhaeghe: Pilsner
5Baghaven: Bier Des Champs13Hill Farmstead: Arthur
6Fantome: Saison14Hill Farmstead: Florence
7Brasserie Dupont: Saison Dupont15Æblerov: Frankofil
8Toolbox: Eau D´Vine Rouge16Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
1Baghaven: Stevnsbær7Brasserie Dupont: Saison Dupont13Hill Farmstead: Arthur
2Baghaven: I would not feel so all alone8Toolbox: Eau D´Vine Rouge14Hill Farmstead: Florence
3Baghaven: Norlunds Field Blend 9Brasserie De La Senne: Taras Boubla 15Æblerov: Frankofil
4Baghaven: Biere Du Cabaret10People Like Us: Covfefe 16Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
5Baghaven: Bier Des Champs11Mikkeller: Riesling People 
6Fantome: Saison12Verhaeghe: Pilsner 
1Baghaven: Stevnsbær5Baghaven: Bier Des Champs9Brasserie De La Senne: Taras Boubla 13Hill Farmstead: Arthur
2Baghaven: I would not feel so all alone6Fantome: Saison10People Like Us: Covfefe 14Hill Farmstead: Florence
3Baghaven: Norlunds Field Blend 7Brasserie Dupont: Saison Dupont11Mikkeller: Riesling People15Æblerov: Frankofil
4Baghaven: Biere Du Cabaret8Toolbox: Eau D´Vine Rouge12Verhaeghe: Pilsner16Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling

Refshalevej 169B
1432 København

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Fri: 15:00—20:00
Sat: 15:00—20:00
Sun: 13.00—17:00


Welcome to our very own playground!

Mikkeller Baghaven represents the pinnacle of art and science, old-world and new world, primitive and contemporary. It is the result of human influence, microbiology, and environment. Our Rustic Farmhouse Ales are reminiscent of a time when beer was a provision, not a luxury. Our Wild Ales are a product of pure innovation, building on age old traditions and adapting them to a new Danish heritage. 

Baghaven is home to 12 large oak foeders, ranging in size from 3000 to 7000 liters, and over 50 225 liter California Chardonnay barrels. These oak vessels house beers where wild yeast and bacteria transform the liquid inside into products with incredible depth and complexity. In addition to barrel aging, the in house microbiology lab allows us to maintain our yeast and bacteria cultures, as well as isolate new strains from the air, fruit skins, and various other sources. These “wild” strains bring a unique character that give the beer a true Copenhagen terroir. Expect to see a variety of fruited wild ales, rustic saisons, and other experimental styles being produced under the Baghaven brand. 

Baghaven is also home to a tasting room where you can sample beers made on site, purchase bottles to go and sample beers from other brewers creating similar styles. 

Contact baghaven@mikkeller.dk for more information.