La Neta

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller: La Sirenita
2Mikkeller & Omnipollo: Prince & Pauper
3Mikkeller: Drink'in Berliner
4Mikkeller: It's Alright!
5Mikkeller: Citra Session
6Mikkeller: No Cow On The Ice
7Mikkeller: Cali Rare
8Mikkeller: Milk Stout
9Mikkeller: I Wish
10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
1Mikkeller: La Sirenita6Mikkeller: No Cow On The Ice
2Mikkeller & Omnipollo: Prince & Pauper7Mikkeller: Cali Rare
3Mikkeller: Drink'in Berliner8Mikkeller: Milk Stout
4Mikkeller: It's Alright!9Mikkeller: I Wish
5Mikkeller: Citra Session10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
1Mikkeller: La Sirenita5Mikkeller: Citra Session9Mikkeller: I Wish
2Mikkeller & Omnipollo: Prince & Pauper6Mikkeller: No Cow On The Ice10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
3Mikkeller: Drink'in Berliner7Mikkeller: Cali Rare 
4Mikkeller: It's Alright!8Mikkeller: Milk Stout 
1Mikkeller: La Sirenita4Mikkeller: It's Alright!7Mikkeller: Cali Rare10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
2Mikkeller & Omnipollo: Prince & Pauper5Mikkeller: Citra Session8Mikkeller: Milk Stout 
3Mikkeller: Drink'in Berliner6Mikkeller: No Cow On The Ice9Mikkeller: I Wish 

La Neta Copenhagen
Nørrebrogade 29,
2200 København N

+45 31120105

Mon—Sun: 11:30—21:00

La Neta started in Stockholm, Sweden, as an attempt to represent the traditional Mexican Taquerías outside of Mexican borders.

In Mexican Spanish slang La Neta means “The Truth”. No more words describe better what it is all about. We’re a no nonsense taquería with love for authentic flavours, good times and we have a soft spot for mezcal, tequila and of course the hoppy gold pouring out of our ten taps!

Come by and say HOLA!

OBS: We are currently awaiting our alcohol permit which mean that we have temporary opening hours. We are open every day from 11:30-21:30 (Kitchen closes at 21:00)