Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller - Spontantriplechokeberry
2mikkeller baghaven - island fever
3de la senne - taras boulba
4oud beersel - lambic
5mikkeller baghaven - nordlund's field blend
6mikkeller - spontandoublecherry
7dupont - saison
8mikkeller - spontandryhop centennial
1Mikkeller - Spontantriplechokeberry5mikkeller baghaven - nordlund's field blend
2mikkeller baghaven - island fever6mikkeller - spontandoublecherry
3de la senne - taras boulba7dupont - saison
4oud beersel - lambic8mikkeller - spontandryhop centennial
1Mikkeller - Spontantriplechokeberry4oud beersel - lambic7dupont - saison
2mikkeller baghaven - island fever5mikkeller baghaven - nordlund's field blend8mikkeller - spontandryhop centennial
3de la senne - taras boulba6mikkeller - spontandoublecherry 
1Mikkeller - Spontantriplechokeberry3de la senne - taras boulba5mikkeller baghaven - nordlund's field blend7dupont - saison
2mikkeller baghaven - island fever4oud beersel - lambic6mikkeller - spontandoublecherry8mikkeller - spontandryhop centennial

+45 3583 1020

SUN—WED: 17.00—00.00
THU: 17.00—02.00
FRI: 14.00—02.00
SAT: 12.00—02.00

Koelschip is Mikkeller’s tribute to Belgium. A small bar dedicated to the craft and history of Belgian beer, in particular Lambic and spontaneous fermented beer. It’s dark, cozy and full of nostalgic memorabilia tucked away under the hop vines hanging from the ceiling. With Koelschip we strive to educate and promote the art of lambic brewing and blending. Our bartenders are both very enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable in order to guide a path to the novice.
We offer what we believe is the biggest selection of bottled lambics outside of Belgium, together with four high quality, ever-changing, sour draft beers.
Koelschip takes pride in offering authentic glassware and a proper service, in order to pay the respect that the beers deserve.