Henry & Sally’s

Oslo — Norway

What's on:

1Vesterbro Pils
2Vesterbro Wit
3Vesterbro Brown
4Vesterbro Spontan
5Organic German Pils
6Stedsegrøn Hazy Session
7Riesling People Hazy IPA
8Oregon Fruit Series: Croocked Moon
9AZ Wilderness: Baboquivari
10AZ Wilderness: Refuge IPA
11Black 2018
12X-Mas: Santa's Little Helper
13X-Mas: Red/White Christmas
14Warpigs: Frank the Tank
17MSD: Belma & Jarrylouise
18Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
19Warpigs: BBA Smoldering
20Wine Geek Riesling
1Vesterbro Pils11Black 2018
2Vesterbro Wit12X-Mas: Santa's Little Helper
3Vesterbro Brown13X-Mas: Red/White Christmas
4Vesterbro Spontan14Warpigs: Frank the Tank
5Organic German Pils15Spontanhexadrupelraspberry
6Stedsegrøn Hazy Session16Spontanpentadrupelblueberry
7Riesling People Hazy IPA17MSD: Belma & Jarrylouise
8Oregon Fruit Series: Croocked Moon18Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
9AZ Wilderness: Baboquivari19Warpigs: BBA Smoldering
10AZ Wilderness: Refuge IPA20Wine Geek Riesling
1Vesterbro Pils8Oregon Fruit Series: Croocked Moon15Spontanhexadrupelraspberry
2Vesterbro Wit9AZ Wilderness: Baboquivari16Spontanpentadrupelblueberry
3Vesterbro Brown10AZ Wilderness: Refuge IPA17MSD: Belma & Jarrylouise
4Vesterbro Spontan11Black 201818Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
5Organic German Pils12X-Mas: Santa's Little Helper19Warpigs: BBA Smoldering
6Stedsegrøn Hazy Session13X-Mas: Red/White Christmas20Wine Geek Riesling
7Riesling People Hazy IPA14Warpigs: Frank the Tank 
1Vesterbro Pils6Stedsegrøn Hazy Session11Black 201816Spontanpentadrupelblueberry
2Vesterbro Wit7Riesling People Hazy IPA12X-Mas: Santa's Little Helper17MSD: Belma & Jarrylouise
3Vesterbro Brown8Oregon Fruit Series: Croocked Moon13X-Mas: Red/White Christmas18Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
4Vesterbro Spontan9AZ Wilderness: Baboquivari14Warpigs: Frank the Tank19Warpigs: BBA Smoldering
5Organic German Pils10AZ Wilderness: Refuge IPA15Spontanhexadrupelraspberry20Wine Geek Riesling

Bernt Ankers gate 25,
0179 Oslo, Norway


Mon—thu: 14:00—01:00
fri—sat: 14:00—03:00
sun: 14:00—01:00

We are happy to announce the opening of Mikkeller’s love child in Oslo, Henry & Sally’s. The bar is located in central Oslo, 10 minutes walk from the central station in the up and coming area of Torggata.

The bar is named after the characters created by our art director Keith Shore, and it was chosen from dozens of suggestions back in September.

John Blaire from Scotland was the first person to suggest the name and as a prize a portrait of him made by Keith will forever hang in the bar.

There will be local snacks in the menu, included some Norwegian classics like ‘fenalår’ and dried fish from the Norwegian west coast.