Haven Bar

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller: Haven Pale Ale
2Mikkeller: Peter, pale & Mary
3Letra: Portuguese grape Ale
4Mikkeller: Spontanyuzu
5mikkeller: single hop Amarillo IIPA
6Stone: Cali belgique ipa
7Mikkeller: spontandryhop mosaic
8Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown
9Mikkeller: Acid Trip Ba white wine
10Mikkeller: Spontanlingonberry
1Mikkeller: Haven Pale Ale6Stone: Cali belgique ipa
2Mikkeller: Peter, pale & Mary7Mikkeller: spontandryhop mosaic
3Letra: Portuguese grape Ale8Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown
4Mikkeller: Spontanyuzu9Mikkeller: Acid Trip Ba white wine
5mikkeller: single hop Amarillo IIPA10Mikkeller: Spontanlingonberry
1Mikkeller: Haven Pale Ale5mikkeller: single hop Amarillo IIPA9Mikkeller: Acid Trip Ba white wine
2Mikkeller: Peter, pale & Mary6Stone: Cali belgique ipa10Mikkeller: Spontanlingonberry
3Letra: Portuguese grape Ale7Mikkeller: spontandryhop mosaic 
4Mikkeller: Spontanyuzu8Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown 
1Mikkeller: Haven Pale Ale4Mikkeller: Spontanyuzu7Mikkeller: spontandryhop mosaic10Mikkeller: Spontanlingonberry
2Mikkeller: Peter, pale & Mary5mikkeller: single hop Amarillo IIPA8Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown 
3Letra: Portuguese grape Ale6Stone: Cali belgique ipa9Mikkeller: Acid Trip Ba white wine 

Havnegade 44
København, Denmark

Mon—Thu: 13.00—00.00
Fri—Sat: 13.00—02.00
Sun: 13.00—00.00

HAVEn bar

A Pop-up bar at the Standard, Havnegade 44 in Copenhagen. By Mikkeller, Claus Meyer & Aaron Dessner. World class beers, food and music for you to enjoy by the harbour.

Open Daily. See opening hours for specifics.

The Kitchen is open Tuesday to Saturday with lunch from 13-16, except Saturday from 12-16. Dinner service from 18-22.30 during the same days. Sundays and Mondays we serve an assortment of snacks to accompany your beverage.

No Reservations. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!