Haven Bar

Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on:

1Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown
2warpigs: phantom spill
3mikkeller: Nyhavn Wit
4mikkeller: Spontanapricot
5Mikkeller: No cow on the ICE Gluten free
6Mikkeller: Nyhavn Pils
7Crooked Stave: Blueberry origins
8Mikkeller: I beat you
9Mikkeller: Milk Stout
10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
1Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown6Mikkeller: Nyhavn Pils
2warpigs: phantom spill7Crooked Stave: Blueberry origins
3mikkeller: Nyhavn Wit8Mikkeller: I beat you
4mikkeller: Spontanapricot9Mikkeller: Milk Stout
5Mikkeller: No cow on the ICE Gluten free10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
1Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown5Mikkeller: No cow on the ICE Gluten free9Mikkeller: Milk Stout
2warpigs: phantom spill6Mikkeller: Nyhavn Pils10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
3mikkeller: Nyhavn Wit7Crooked Stave: Blueberry origins 
4mikkeller: Spontanapricot8Mikkeller: I beat you 
1Mikkeller: Nyhavn brown4mikkeller: Spontanapricot7Crooked Stave: Blueberry origins10Mikkeller: Beer Geek Riesling
2warpigs: phantom spill5Mikkeller: No cow on the ICE Gluten free8Mikkeller: I beat you 
3mikkeller: Nyhavn Wit6Mikkeller: Nyhavn Pils9Mikkeller: Milk Stout 

Havnegade 44
København, Denmark

Mon—Thu: 13.00—00.00
Fri—Sat: 13.00—02.00
Sun: 13.00—00.00

HAVEn bar

A Pop-up bar at the Standard, Havnegade 44 in Copenhagen. By Mikkeller, Claus Meyer & Aaron Dessner. World class beers, food and music for you to enjoy by the harbour.

Open Daily. See opening hours for specifics.

The Kitchen is open all days from Opening until 22.00. We have invited YoBurger to reside over our kitchen and they are offering their full menu at Haven Bar. 

No Reservations. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!