Bean Geeks / General Store

Copenhagen Denmark

Flæsketorvet 51-55
1711 CPH V
+45 53517173

Mon—Thu: 12.00—19.00
Fri—Fri: 12.00—20.00
Sat—Sat: 11.00—19.00
Sun—Sun: 11.00—18.00

Bean Geeks Chocolate and Mikkeller General Store is, as the name implies, a general store, but as per usual with Mikkeller, there’s much more. First and foremost, we’re centered around the amazing product that Bean Geeks Chocolate produce on site. Bean-to-bar high grade chocolate that is sure to blow your mind the same way it was when first you tried craft beer. Second, in the General Store we have carefully curated our stock, going only for products of the highest quality, choosing high end local producers when possible. On top of that, we’re always stocked with the latest Mikkeller merchandise, so stop by, we’re always ready to help you pick out the exact thing you need for your table, in your glass, or as a gift.