It’s the end of an era and we’re looking for a bad ass Head Chef who dares to take up the challenge to fill Andrew Hroza’s shoes as the new Head Chef at Warpigs.

Ambition is key and while running the kitchen you will be in charge of maintaining the high standards of Warpigs.

In the kitchen we need a highly skilled Chef who is familiar with the Texas BBQ concept and someone who is ready to nurse the smoker to make the perfect smoked brisket.

As Head Chef you will also have full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of the kitchen’s operations, from managing and developing the kitchen team, to negotiating with suppliers to procure the highest quality product, to continuing to develop the Warpigs business. You will also be responsible for creating, planning and executing all sorts of events, in close cooperation with the rest of the management team at the location.

This position requires excellent attention to detail. We value respect for the highest standards in hospitality and always assuring the best experience for all of our guests.

Is that someone you – or do you know someone who would be perfect for the job?

Send a cover letter and resume to HR@mikkeller.dk
Deadline: As soon as possible
Start up: November 1st