Brewer at WARPIGS wanted!!

Call to arms! We’re looking for a Brewer working full time at Warpigs!

We want you if you’re extremely passionate and talented with a BIG ass eye for detail!
You should apply for this job if you could see yourself working in a constantly growing business where you’d be given a lot of responsibility AND a ton of amazing colleagues working in the brewery, bar and kitchen.

You’ll be part of a small and cool brewing team where you have to be good at delegating responsibilities and pass on experience while not being afraid of getting your hands dirty.

Shoot us an application and tell us why you’d be the most awesome person for the job!

Practical info:

Our future Brewer should be a certified brewer with brewing experience
Salary based on qualifications
Send your CV and cover letter to
Mark subject field: “BREWER WP – YOUR NAME”
Apply as fast as possible
Start up as fast as possible