Valentines Day with Hot Love, Beer & Chocolate for men <3

February 14, 2017 · 12:00 → February 14, 2017 · 22:00

In Japan, Valentines Day is almost as important as a national holiday! 

Fun Fact #1
Valentines day is very unique in Japan. It’s the women who brings the men chocolate and not the other way around. (But don’t worry girls, there will also be a day for you – the 14th of March to be exact. ‘White Day’ where the men will return the ‘favor’ and bring his favorite girl(s) chocolate)

We are not normally into all the cute, cuddly, pink, kawaiii, lovelydovely things, so today we will do the exact opposite and make it all about love.

There will be balloons, hearts, soft japanese love music, red ramen, red beer. So drop by. and get your HOT LOVE on.

Fun fact 2 #2
‘Giri-choco’ – The chocolate women gives to friends, colleagues and close male friends.
‘Honmei-choko’ – The chocolate women gives to a boyfriend, lover or husband.
Honmei is normally homemade by the women, to show REAL love.

We will be offering ‘Giri-choco’ for all the men who visit us for Valentines <3

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