The Cellar Treasures Tasting: Old, Older, Oldest!

February 4, 2017 · 16:00 — 17:00

The time is upon us! We’re diving into the cellar and unearthing some of the most amazing vintages we have to offer!

For 750 DKK, you get to taste:

– 1999 Belle-Vue Selection Lambic
A tart and delicate blend of unfiltered and unpasteurized Belle-Vue lambics. This series was only released throughout the 90s!

– 1990 De Neve Geuze
This refreshing, citric geuze by De Neve (declared bankruptcy in 1994!) is still a joy to drink after all these years. Both beer and bottle are in amazing condition!

– 1989 De Neve/Belle Vue fusion blend
To celebrate the merger of Belle-Vue and De Neve in 1989, this excellent blend of the finest lambics by De Neve was bottled for members of the board of directors. We are honored to have some bottles of this!

– 1957-1962 Goossens lambic
This beer was bottled in between the period of 1957 and 1962, when this brewery filed for bankruptcy. Its aged notes are definitely present, but still a most drinkable and balanced beer. Did you know… the former brewsite was purchased by a farmed in Pajottenland, that’s hoping to make lambic there again? Best… vertical… ever… waiting to happen?

A palate cleanser (lovely crunchy and soft sourdough bread from a local business) will be included in the price!

Get your tickets, HERE!

Due to the delicate nature of these beers, we cannot leave any bottles open. Therefore, we can ONLY conduct this tasting, if it sells out!
If it doesn’t, we will notify 24 hours in advance.


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