Superstition Meadery Master Class & Tap Release

February 5, 2017 · 15:00 → February 6, 2017 · 02:00

It’s not just beer that we like – we have a huge passion for everything well crafted by hard working people, who loves what they do. That’s why we are hosting this mead master class. We’ll go through the truly amazing liquids from one of the very best mead makers in the world, Superstition Meadery. They have been to MBCC (former CBC) several times and will come back again this year again. They have been exploring mead and they have been breaking boundaries for years now. They just keep creating brand new and astonishing taste experiences.

The master class includes 5 different meads. We’ll guide you through the different meads, learn you a lot and change your perception of what mead is and can be.

These bottles are extremely rare, very exclusive and expensive, so ONLY 10 seats – these meads will only be available for these 10 lucky people who joins the event. Will not be sold in Aarhus.

Safeword 13% Mess with Belgian dark candi sugar, aged in bourbon barrels.
Super Bee 12% Sweet Traditional Mead made with Arizona Ironwood Honey.
Tahitian Honeymoon 13,5% Semi-sweet Mead made with Tahitian vanilla beans.
Aphrodisia 14% Syrah/Mesquite Honey.
Maple stinger 15,5% A sweet, still, maple mead.

First come, first serve.

Also for the first time ever, Superstition Meadery will be on tap in Aarhus this day! Which one you ask? This is a surprise…

Price: 255DKK
Tickets available here: BILLETTO

(this event will only take place if all seats are taken)

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