Sunday Hangover Combo

September 10, 2017 · 09:30 → September 10, 2017

We wanna cherish Sundays at Hyggestund

This day is often full of a having bad hangover, the feeling of your weekend ending, and the “Oh f**k, I have to work again tommorow!” 

But friends, don’t worry! We got you covered! 

We hereby offer you our hangover sunday combo, containing waffles, biscuits and gravy, ymer, PB & J, eggs, bacon and sausages and either a beer, coffee or juice for your own selection. 

The beautiful warm soul music we play, will help your head get back on track and the cosy enviroment in our restaurant, together with the combo of delicious food, will help your body get back on track as well! 

Price: 200,- for each combo.

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