Releaseparty – Mikkeller Gammeldansk

November 8, 2017 · 16:00 → November 9, 2017 · 01:00

A new beer is born! Imagine the best of both worlds: an ice cold bottle of beer and a spicy shot. Now you can get both! We launch Mikkeller Gammeldansk – a new lager with taste of the beloved Danish spirit.

“As a tribute to Gammel Dansk we wanted to prepare a beer that fits with the unique combination of 29 different spices, herbs and flowers that make up Gammel Dansk.

Mikkeller is a master of composing unique ingredients and turning them into good beer, so for us it was obvious to contact Mikkeller, “says Lars Kragelund, Technical Director, Gammel Dansk.
“Together we found that the extract of American white oak goes hand in hand with the nice notes of flowers and fruit. It creates a balance between the bitter and sweet elements and we landed in a layer that fits perfectly with Gammel Dansk.

Come and try it at Mikkeller Stockholm first release in Sweden. Of course we will serve Gammel Dansk, the spirit, to match with your beer!

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