Modern Times collab, cans, and bottle release

November 9, 2018 · 10:00 → November 10, 2018 · 23:00

Not long ago, Mikkel went to Portland and brewed a beer with the fine people from Modern Times. It’s called Ancient Page, it’s a fresh hop IPA and it’s coming to Denmark.�

Here’s what the good folks at Modern Times had to say about it:

“We recently brewed a beer in collaboration with Mikkeller called Ancient Page. We are calling this a “Cold IPA” and I wanted to take a moment to discuss that and what it is.

First of all, Cold IPA is an experimental and loosely defined term. We are part of the process of defining it, in fact. It comes from a few brewers in Portland brewing drastically different beers with one commonality, dry-hopping at cool temperatures.

For our collaboration cold IPA; we blended a pilsner and IPA malt bill, picked whole cone fresh hop Citra and added it at 16lbs/bbl to the hot side, and then will dry hop heavily with even more Citra (this time in pellet form). For fermentation, we are using a Kolsch ale yeast fermented at 60F and will dry hop at that temperature.

As you can see, we took our own twist on the “style” and made it our own. We are truly living in these modern times.”

BUT, is it bringing friends too? Yes, of course it is. We’ll also be releasing the following beers:�

Orderville Mosaic; A hazy Mosaic IPA. Expect lots of piney, resinous flavors. A satisfying hop saturation from start to finish on both aroma and taste.

Flamenco sketches; Blood orange, guava, dragon fruit and vanilla beans brings a symphony of citrus and tropic flavours.

Monster Park BBA; This one’s exclusive to the Bottleshop and yes, it is indeed the famous Monsters Park aged on Bourbon barrels.

Palace of Paper Sacks; a wild ale with nectarines, aged on both red wine and white wine barrels.

Thermometer island; Saison with seasonal citrus. Re-fermented on juicy Cara Cara and Blood Oranges and aged on Tart, red wine barrels.

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