Mikkeller X Hot Pot Republic

December 31, 2017 · 18:00 → December 31, 2017 · 23:00

Mikkeller X Hot Pot Republic Copenhagen.

New Year’s Hot Pot Dinner with Mikkeller Beer Pairing.

Mikkeller, Hyggestund and Hot Pot Republic will be teaming up for a unique, social and entertaining New Year’s dining experience.

We have invited one of the best Sichuan chefs in town, Mr. Yindong Ye, to perform his magic paired with some carefully selected Mikkeller beers.

With 30 years of recognized experience in Sichuan cuisine Mr. Yingdong Ye is a true hot pot expert and is known for his talent to play with different natural spices using them to uncover the hidden tastes of the main food components
Sichuan cuisine is one of the eight Chinese food categories, famous for its addictive spicy and numb sensation.

Hot pot is one of the most social dining experiences you can find and gives you the perfect opportunity to invite luck and prosperity to 2018 together with your nearest and dearest!

Stay tuned for the beer menu!

Get your ticket now on madbillet.dk: https://madbillet.dk/show/ event/new-year-celebration

New Year’s Hot Pot Menu:

18:30- Welcome

– Hiyayakko – Japanese Tofu, Skipjack Tuna Flakes & Mirin
– Yellowstripe Scad Chips with Crispy seaweed & Sesame

– Ginger spinach with Cashew nuts & Goji berries
– Special double-cooked New Year’s pork with Spring herbs & Soya Garlic Sauce

Intermediate Course
– “Drunk Chicken” – Sichuan style steamed chicken with Sichuan peppercorn & Coriander

New Year’s Hot Pot Feast
– 4 different soup bases – Spicy, Umami, Kimchi & Tomato
– 3 types of meat – Cod, Beef & Lamb
– Selection of Asian Specialties – Dumplings, Rice Cake, Udon noodles, Crab Sticks, Fish Balls & Tofu
– Selection of Asian Mushrooms – Enokitake, Shiitake & King
Oyster Mushroom
– 10 types of Fresh Vegetables
– 2 Hot Pot Sauces

Accompanied by Mijiu – a fermented glutinous rice soup with 2% alcohol

– Ice Cream Dim Sum – coconut & mango
– Traditional Red Bean Sesame Balls

23:00 – Good night and Happy New Year!

Hot Pot Menu: 698 DKK/ Person

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