Mikkeller Webshop/Beer Club Pop-Up

February 18, 2017 · 12:00 → February 18, 2017 · 18:00

We are getting some very nice and kind visitors this Saturday! We give you Mikkeller Webshop AND Beer Club, live in the shop, all day long! They have promised to bring their A-game. Literally, they are going to drop some serious beer bombs in Aarhus. Bombs that has never been seen before. Bombs that will change your taste buds forever.

Expect rare and very limited bottles. Both Mikkeller and from our friends from abroad.

Merchandise and tasters! And hey, maybe some Mikkeller San Diego?

And of course, a lot of fun and bad jokes.

Also there will be a very good reason to sign up for Beer Club etc this day! The beer made especially for the beer club, Beer Club Breakfast, one of the most exclusive beers in the beer geek series ever, also one of smallest batches ever made, will be on tap at the bar and for free for beer club members and people who sign up.

Check out the Webshop Facebook. And in case you cannot join this epic event, you can visit our Webshop HERE!

Facebook event

Event location