Mikkeller & Girls Are Awesome launch ‘Female’

August 17, 2018 · 17:00 → August 18, 2018 · 02:00

Mikkeller and Girls Are Awesome team up for the launch of ‘Female’, released as a ‘Blonde’ and a ‘Brunette’ – two beers created for humans who enjoy great beer.

The Female release will be celebrated at:

Mikkeller’s brewpub WarPigs( Kødbyen)
17th of August – 5pm-02am
Live music, DJs and lots of other fun stuff.

The two Female releases were made in collaboration between Mikkeller and global platform Girls Are Awesome as a lighthearted project highlighting the simple fact that women enjoy a damn good beer as much as men.

The title of the beer Female references the Danish word ‘Fem’—which means five—and the fact that both of the beers are ales. The ’Blonde’ and the ’Brunette’ refers to the different beer styles – one being a Wit Ale and the other a Brown Ale. It’s all nicely tied together by a women’s hand high fiving on the label, referencing both brands’ open and inclusive approach to what they do.

“We set out to create two beers that poke fun at the misconception that women want gendered or ‘girly’ beer. Women drink beer. Mikkeller knows beer. Girls Are Awesome is focussed on women – it’s a pretty simple equation. Collaborating with Mikkeller on Female is a perfect fit for us, they’re a company dedicated equally to quality and fun, as we are.”, says Nick Bridge, co-founder of Girls Are Awesome, about the collaboration.

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