Mezcal Up Your Ass – Release!

June 23, 2017 · 20:00 → June 23, 2017 · 23:00

For the fifth year in a row, Mikkeller introduces a completely unique spirit made for COPENHELL. This time, a Mexican Mezcal cold-infused with Rattlesnake.

HAVEN BAR KBH will serve specialmade ‘Mezcal Up Your Ass’ cocktails with mezcal and beer as key ingredient.

When you buy a cocktail we will serve a complimentary shot of ‘Mezcal Up Your Ass’, meaning double the pleasure for you!

10 beers on tap as always and DJ’s playing tunes from 10pm.

Cocktails are being served between 8pm and 11pm.
‘Mezcal Up Your Ass’

‘Mezcal Up Your Ass’ is a very limited production of 200 bottles and everything down to the last and smallest detail has been made by hand – from the handpicking of the agave, to bottling – by the small family-owned Mexican producer, Papalotes & Rehiletes con Avecanor.

The label is designed by Copenhells own art direct, Jakob Printlau, and the name was inspired by Metallicas legendary demo from 1982 ‘Metal Up Your Ass’. 20 bottles have been made as limited editions in exclusive handmade coffins with high quality matching t-shirts.

The tradition of the Mexican state, Guerrero is to drown the snakes in Mezcal just before they die, so that the poison is released. The three snakes used for this Mezcal have then been cleansed inside out and stuffed with cinnamon, raisins, anise, banana, pineapple, selected herbs, and boiled. Finally the preservation has been cold-infused into the spirits.

See you in Hell!

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