Limited Can Release – Queen of Passion

February 11, 2017 · 17:00 → February 11, 2017 · 22:00

Queen of Passion is our latest collaboration effort between Faction Brewing in Alameda, CA and Mikkeller Brewing San Diego.  This beer takes our process of creating a kettle tart along with a hop forward American Pale recipe packed with Southern Passion and African Queen hops at 4 pounds per bbl.  This beer blends the profile of a tart Berliner along with a hop forward pale ale.  Aromas of grapefruit along with tropical fruits are apparent in the nose.  At first sip the soft tart notes along with a dominant hop profile create a Radler like sensation. Bright flavors of grapefruit are followed with juicy tropical notes with a soft nutty malt note appearing in the finish.  This beer will satisfy both the drinker looking for the tartness found in a Berliner Weisse style as well as the hop fiends out there.

This was inspired by Monkey Paw/Automatic collaboration Hazy Purple Tart IPA and gave us a great idea for our own tart pale concept.

Limit: TBD

For members of Viking Club:
Queen of Hops On Draft: Friday Feb. 10th
Viking Club: Guided tasting Friday with Bill Batten at 6pm
Early Limited Release Can Sales Friday: 5pm-11pm
Limit: TBD

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